The history of steroids in bodybuilding is often linked with the idea of bigness, which in bodybuilding just means big doses of anabolic steroids. The idea of bigness was responsible for bringing up many out of control steroid freaks in bodybuilding in the Seventies. The criterion of bigness was actually created by IFBB for adjudicating winners of the international contests, such as Mr. Olympia.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is perhaps the most prominent name in the history of steroids in bodybuilding. Arnold got on steroids when he realized that he needed to bulk up his body when he lost to Frank Zane in 1968. Arnold, now the Governor of California, is honest enough to admit that he was using steroids during his years as a champion body builder.

Actually, steroids were viewed totally different in the 70’s. They were considered as supplements, and they were not illegal at that time. The bodybuilding celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lee Haney are believed to be linked with steroids, however presently they speak against steroid use.

One of the most notable cases of the recent history of steroids in bodybuilding is Ronald Dean Coleman, popularly known as Ronnie Coleman. Ronnie, who equaled Lee Haney’s record in Mr. Olympia, has been named in investigations involving steroids. During the BALCO investigation, track star Tim Montgomery testified under oath to a federal grand jury that Victor Conte had bragged about getting Ronnie Coleman to use Winstrol, an anabolic steroid. An ongoing investigation by a New York State grand jury into online pharmacies also indicates that Coleman allegedly received fraudulent prescriptions for steroids. Additionally, there are persistent allegations by fitness enthusiasts and natural bodybuilders that Coleman and most other professional bodybuilders are using anabolic steroids and/or human growth hormone.

In an interview, the Austrian-born seven times former Mr. Olympia said, “I have no regrets about it, because at that time, it was something new that came on the market, and we went to the doctor and did it under doctors’ supervision.” Arnold did admit the use of steroids, but also pointed out that steroids were not illegal at that time. He said, “We were experimenting with it. It was a new thing!”

However, Arnold does not encourage the use of steroids in the present times. Arnold has urged bodybuilding officials to crack down on steroid use and suggested calling a summit of the sport’s leaders to discuss the problem.

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