Increase Upper Body Height get Longer Torso 1

Are you concerned about your present height? Wished you had a longer upper torso? Well, this is something most women desire. Most of them are also under a notion that increasing one’s height is impossible after puberty. Well, the good news is – the notion is WRONG!

There are definitely a few stretching exercises that will help you to more inches to your stature. These are precisely ‘grow taller’ workout patterns you must follow as they work right on your spine by developing and toning all of the muscles supporting the spine. When your back muscles are worked up in the right direction; the height increases.

Increasing the upper body height will make you look taller. It will also enhance your overall appearance. Listed below are some tips that will help you to increase upper body height naturally:

Upper body stretches are an ideal method to add a few inches to your height. These stretches precisely work on your spine and work towards lengthening the upper body. Body stretches work towards extending arms and legs all together. The final result is an increased height of upper body.

1.      Spine Stretch

Stretching spine through hanging will help you. Keeping your arms and shoulders in a relaxed position, hang for at least 20 seconds. This position effectively stretches the spinal column and lengthens the upper body.

2.      Twisting

This is a great way to increase your body height. Twisting exercise works towards adding flexibility to the spine. It is important to note that with age, spine loses flexibility. The exercise works upon it too.

3.      Body Inversion

This is a fantastic exercise that works on your upper torso really well. It helps you grow taller. The efficiency of inversion table for height increase has been appreciated a lot. The exercise routine utilizes gravity to stretch your cartilage present in the spine and knees. You must perform body inversion exercise for about 10 minutes daily. Go for about two sessions in the morning and evening. Each session must last for about 5 minutes. Also use inversion boots.

Increase Upper Body Height get Longer Torso

4.      Downward Dog

Yoga is a wonderful way to add inches to your upper body. Practise downward dog pose daily to lengthen and strengthens the upper body. This will make you look taller and slimmer. Yoga poses is given here and 12 Yoga asanas are here.

5.      Diet is Important

Apart from performing exercises, you need to take care of your diet to increase the length of your upper torso. You must include a well balanced nutritious diet everyday to keep you fuelled up and enhance overall energy levels. The diet should specifically include adequate dose of Vitamin D and calcium. This will help you stay healthy and stay tall.

6.      Rest

You need to take good amount of rest daily to ensure good height increase. Sleep for at least 8 hours daily. This is important to ensure adequate recovery to your body from injuries the muscles may face during daily exercise regimen.

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