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Women who have small breasts size are always on the lookout for ways to enhance their breast size as they are well aware that men are usually put off with a small breast size. In recent past apart from breast enhancement surgery women have also opted for alternative form of treatment to enhance their breasts size.

Breast augmentation or breast enhancement surgery, more commonly known as a boob job, is the single most popular cosmetic procedure in the United States. Women of all ages look to enhance their breasts by increasing their size and shape to make them more beautiful and/or to increase their confidence and quality of life. However it is necessary to make readers aware of side effects of boobs enlargement therapy gone wrong.

Aesthetics-wise, unflattering breast enlargements often reveal uneven breast sizes and shapes, asymmetrical placement, unnatural-looking cleavages, or wrinkles which are often caused by improperly placed boob implants. Some boob jobs result in boobs looking unusually large for a woman’s body frame. Therefore it is advised to keep it natural and increase breast size with basic treatment which do not affect your body shape or health badly.

Natural treatment preference is mainly due to lack of any side effects in using natural medicine as well as the natural look that the breasts get from natural growth is much better than artificial silicon implants. In this article let us find out how one can go about things to enhance the size of breasts by using natural methods.

Natural Breast Enlargement

Effective Herbs for Boobs

Small breast size is mainly due to low level of estrogen in the body hence women are administered such herbs which have a high estrogen content thereby countering the deficiency of estrogen in the body thus assisting in natural growth of breasts. Herbs like saw palmetto and fenugreek are commonly used in breast enhancement pills as they have high estrogen content in them.

Foods for Breast

You should avoid eating junk or processed food and eat fresh fruits and vegetable especially green vegetables are very beneficial. Carrots and chicken head soup have high estrogen content and are commonly given to girls with small breasts size in China.

Stay Away from Addictions

If you are taking natural breast enhancement pills then you should strictly abstain from addictions like smoking and alcohol as well as limit the intake of coffee and tea. This is because all these substances interfere with the working of herbs and bring down their efficacy to a very low level.

Exercise for Boobs

Exercising is very important to keep yourself fit. To improve the overall look of your breasts you can try doing push ups against the wall and dumb bell flies. These exercises will help increase blood flow to the breast are and speed up the growth process.

Yoga For Breast Enhancement

There are also some yoga asanas which help in breast enhancement. Yoga helps in overall development of your personality and improves your overall health.

yoga poses for boobs enlargement

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