Carolina might not have started the playoffs with good rhythm but as the first round series got under way against Montreal they started playing really good. They still are and after that they knocked out the Devils in round two 4-1 in the series.

The Hurricanes have speed on all four of their lines and their defense is mobile and gets the puck up the ice quickly. Their power play, when it’s on is one of the most dangerous in the NHL. However they need to avoid slow starts and start the games trailing because for them it’s very difficult to get back once they’re trailing earlier in the game.

Ron Brind’Amour is the heart and soul guy, he tends to come up big at key times. Eric Staal is the finisher who gets the puck in crunch time. Watch for Justin Williams as well. He was an impact player against Montreal.

Carolina has a very good regular season and playoffs so far; nothing would be better for them as winning the conference finals and get a shot to win the Stanley Cup as well.

Buffalo on the other hand left out the Flyers in the first round. A team that couldn’t deal with Buffalo’s speed and in the second round; Goalie Ryan Miller was a big difference against the Senators. But a gutsy overall effort that included three overtime wins was what brought Buffalo here.

The Sabres are very fast, quick and opportunistic on offense. Their defensive game was outstanding against a powerful Ottawa team and the Sabres are riding high from what was a major upset win last round.

But they have a few important players injured; Tim Connolly and Dmitri Kalinin are out but the Sabres have been talented enough to not let those injuries overcome their game and be where they are right now.

These Western conference finals will be all about the new era in the NHL. With two pioneer teams that are playing at the top of their game with very innovative types of playing this beautiful game.

Most major sportsbooks will have lines and props on these NHL Conference Finals. That will give a chance to all the sports betting fans to follow closely these games in order to make their wagers in the finals.

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