Camping Party Planning

Camping parties are normally multiday events. Organizing a party away in a camp environment has its challenges. A camping party is the combination of a destination party and a beach party. It requires a great deal of planning and preparation.

Among other challenges, you have to be ready to train people how to set a tent, make a safe campfire, and more. With all its challenges camping is always going to be a hit with kids and most adults. A camping party is a unique event that can include all the good things of any kind of party and more.

Partying while camping offers an opportunity for not only campfires, but sing-alongs, ghost tales, and lots and lots of fun stuff you would never think of at a party hosted at a private home.

Camping is a lot of fun but it is not without its challenges. If you hate bugs, are afraid of bears, or you can’t live without all of the comforts of your home, camping is not for you. If you don’t enjoy sleeping in a tent, or in an RV, you may reconsider having a party while camping. Public restrooms and showers mean you have less privacy than in your own home or in a hotel room. While many enjoy the break from the comforts of everyday routine, for some it is nothing short of a nightmare.

Camping requires a lot of planning and preparation. The less prepared you are the less fun you will have. If you don’t prepare the necessary food, equipment, spices, and whatever you may need, chances are will have to do without them. Make sure you check with camp management about the rules and regulations, so you avoid unpleasant surprises. Some campground may have rules against dogs, open fires, noise, etc. Make sure you call ahead and understand the rules before committing to a campground. Before you make a reservation, check with the campground for any dangers you should know about such as bears, snakes, or moving waters.

Popular campsites fill up quickly, especially during popular holidays. Be sure you make your reservations extra early, if you plan your party around some of the biggest holiday dates such as Memorial Day, The 4th of July, and Labor Day.

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