sweating out toxic fluids of body

In that aching space between the ball dropping and New Year’s resolutions taking effect, most revelers in mountain towns will be left reeling from copious amounts of celebrants. Don’t let your New Year’s Eve celebration start year on the wrong foot, ditch the headaches with one (or a number) of these 10 proven mountain hangover-busting strategies.

10. Hydrate: Everyone knows that water is the key to shaking off the consequences of a long night, and it is true: rehydrating does wonders. Better yet, mix water with a drink that is heavy in electrolytes and you’ll be ready for anything. Most people think of Gatorade and Powerade, but Pedialyte the magic potion made for babies with diarrhea is absolute gold. (I grew to actually enjoy the bubble gum flavor in college.)

9. Hit the Trails: Blessed with an abundance of fresh air, miles of winding trails, and stunning panoramic views, Aspen’s cross-country ski tracks and snow-shoe trails are sure-fire fixes for the morning after. Located 11 miles outside of Aspen is Ashcroft, an old mining community that has been uninhabited since 1900. Weaving throughout the historical ghost town is 35 kilometers of the most spectacular cross-country ski and snowshoe trails in Colorado.

8. Soak it Up: You cannot miss Aspen’s iconic Hickory House on Main Street when entering Aspen, and if you get to experience a “Hick House” breakfast on a weekend morning, you cannot miss the droves of locals that count on the comfort food to mend minds after late-night debaucheries. Not in Apsen? Look for (and smell for) plumes of rib or burger smoke pouring from the chimney of a crowded local joint.

7. SportLegs: Skiers swear by SportLegs to help heal aching muscles after a day on the slopes, but the pills that are intended to alleviate the lactic acid that causes legs to burn after skiing also help shake off a hang-over. Most ski shops carry the product, and most ski shop employees will vouch for the dual uses of pills that are rich in Vitamin D.

6. Sweat it Out: The gym might be the last place you want to be post-party, but exercise helps to increase blood circulation to rid the body of toxins. Bikram yoga is an effective detoxifying option, cleansing the liver and kidneys via 26 poses in a sweltering hot room. Interested? Arjuna Yoga is Aspen’s best place to try it, otherwise google Bikram yoga for locations near you.

removing toxic fluids of body

5. Choose Wisely: Stick to clear liquors and sugarless mixers to ensure a hop in your step in the AM. Vodka tonics are my go-to, and Red Bull Vodkas are as bad as you might think.

4. Don’t Judge: In a town full of outdoor enthusiasts and fitness fanatics the morning after indulgence is sometimes an afterthought. However, a McDonald’s breakfast is “scientifically” proven to fix the gnarliest cobwebs. Aspenite Jeff King says, “A McDonald’s breakfast, fixes me up after a night out, and I imagine this will be my plan of attack on New Year’s Day.”

3. Breath it In: Oxygen treatments are a popular way to treat a hangover, and you will not find a more incredible place in Aspen to be treated than the Oxygen lounge at the Remède Spa in the St. Regis.

2. Hair of the Dog: Jacob Ramsden tends bar at the Ajax Tavern, an amazing establishment at the base of Ajax, and mixes the best Bloody Mary in town. Ramsden’s spicy concoction has helped hundreds of aching patrons get a start on their ski day.

1. First Bucket: There is not a better way to bust through the fetters of last night’s fun than getting first tracks. An early morning gondola ride and arching turns down your favorite trail will put last night’s transgressions in the past, and get you to focus on the present.

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