A perfect diet plan for bodybuilding

Bodybuilding diets have become a rage among people, especially youngsters these days. People are crazy about pumping their muscles to a desired amount and this makes them follow a special diet regime. Now, starting a new nutrition regime is not easy and that too if you are new in this field.

In case, you want to gather sound knowledge on structuring your present diet for building muscles, you need to follow certain proven methods to obtain success.

Following a strict nutrition regime is not very difficult. Here, you don’t require starving yourself for obtaining desired results. Here you need to focus on a healthy diet plan.

How You Can Achieve Muscular Body ?

The plan should include all the major foods. This is the only way to come up with a complete body building nutrition solution. This should be religiously followed in to your routine lifestyle.

Here is a proper and proven bodybuilding diet guide:

a) You emphasize on a good combination of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Make sure that you include these essential nutrients in your diet in proper amount with every meal. Try to focus on including about forty percent of carbohydrates, another forty percent of protein and twenty percent of fats in your meal. To obtain the desired results, you need to include the above-mentioned nutrients in your meal otherwise all your efforts will go in vain. Remember that if you include only one of the components in your meal, your body suffers. For instance, by eating only carbohydrates, your body will suffer because it is keeping all the carbohydrates and that will not turn into fat. So, it is very necessary to emphasize on all the basis bodybuilding diet essentials such as carbohydrates, protein and fats.

A perfect diet plan for bodybuilding 2


b) Most people focus on eating big meals twice a day. However, the key to effective body building is to eat less amount of meals 4-5 minutes a day. The reason is that if you don’t eat, your body starts losing energy. This is a process that turns your body in to a catabolic state. Another reason is that by eating small portions several times during the day, your metabolism tends to enhance and thereby helps you to reduce fat. Hence, you need to eat around five meals a day and give three hours of space for these meals.

Here is a simple bodybuilding diet plan that will help you add up to your muscle mass.

• Meal one:

Three ounces oatmeal, six egg whites, a cup of low fat milk, one yolk, two slices of fat cheese and an apple banana.

• Meal two:

One tomato, six ounces of tuna fish, one tablespoon of mayo and one whole wheat bagel.

A perfect diet plan for bodybuilding 3

• Meal three:

Two baked potatoes, eight ounces of grilled chicken dressing and two cups salad.

• Meal four:

Four ounces of turkey breast, one cup of low fat milk, two slices of toast and two slices of cheese.

• Meal five:

Eight ounces of grilled steak, two cups steamed vegetables, 1.5 cups brown rice and two tablespoons of olive oil.

• Meal six:

One cup low fat milk, six egg whites, one yolk and half cup of oatmeal.

The above mentioned diet regime will let you obtain desired results.

what to eat - bodybuilding food plan

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