1.The jumping up and down motion involved in exercising on a rebounder is the best way to stimulate your lymphatic (immune) system. Your body’s lymph system consists of tubes containing lymphatic fluid. The tubes have one-way valves built into them. Each bounce opens and closes these valves, causing the lymphatic fluid to be pumped and circulated properly. Exercising on a mini trampoline is by far the best way to improve the lymphatic system. It is highly recommended for cancer patients and anyone with a suppressed immune system.

2.Exercising on a rebounder strengthens every cell in your body, not just a few of them. At the top of each bounce, your body experiences a brief moment of weightlessness. At the bottom of each bounce, your body experiences two to four times the normal gravitational pull. The forces of acceleration and deceleration stress every cell, which causes them to strengthen. Therefore, your skin, organs and muscles you are not even aware of are being strengthened by the bouncing action of exercising on a mini trampoline.

3.Bouncing on a rebounder will also make your bones stronger. Astronauts that were in a state of weightlessness for several weeks at a time, lost both muscle strength and bone density. Without the pull of gravity, muscles wither and atrophy and bones become weaker and less dense. NASA found that by exercising on mini trampolines upon returning to earth, the astronauts could safely and quickly rebuild the muscle strength and bone density they had lost. Being inactive or sedentary by sitting or laying most of the day will have the same effect on our bodies that weightlessness does. Rebounding is highly recommended for osteoporosis.

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