tips to Six pack abs- How to Get 6 Pack Abs (abdominal muscles)

It is not impossible to get the much-in-trend and desirable six pack abs. However, it is also not an easy and quick attaining goal. You need to work for it consistently and religiously. It requires a lot of dedication, discipline and determination to possess abs that would make your friends go green with envy.

The 6 visible abdominal muscles are what people refer to as a “six pack”.

There are simple ways to get 6-pack abs that adds to the masculinity of a man.

Exercise and Routine to  get 6 Pack Abs

Here are some effective and fool proof methods to get six pack abs easily:

Basic requirements to Six Pack Abs

a) You need to understand that one of the basic requirements to achieve a six pack abs is to lose a significant amount of weight. In simple ways, you need to lose fats.

b) Alter eating habits. It is important to keep your metabolism effective and efficient.

c) Keep a photo journal. It must now what you are like when you have set your goal and your look after making efforts towards it.

d) Create an exercise journal. Here, you need to jot down all your routine and progress. This will provide you a track of how far you have gone to achieve your goals.

e) Try to carry out unique exercises and equipment for better effect during exercise.

6 Pack Abs: Steps to follow

Muscle Building:

a) Crunches:

Focus on doing ab crunches if you really want to achieve your goal. Here is how to do crunches.

Crunches for Six pack abs- How to Get 6 Pack Abs (abdominal muscles)

• Lie on the floor (Having a Mat or not is a matter of choice)

• Cross your arms in front of your chest.

• Bend your knees up as far as possible. Make sure you don’t place both your hands behind your head to avoid back problems.

b) Sit ups:

• Lie on the floor with feet placed on the floor, knees up and fingers placed behind ears or hands crossed on your chest.

Situps for Six pack abs- How to Get 6 Pack Abs (abdominal muscles)

• Sit up. Here you need to lift your lower back away from the floor with shoulder blades.

• Lower yourself down

• Repeat

Once you are comfortable, follow these steps:

• Look for an incline bench or repeat the steps on an exercise ball.

• Once you are comfortable go for weighted sit ups via holding a weight on your chest.

c) Leg lifts:

• Here, you should lie on the floor with legs straight out and hands at your sides.

leg lifts for Six pack abs- How to Get 6 Pack Abs (abdominal muscles)

• Lift your legs straight up till they reach a 90 degree angle.

• Lower your legs and repeat without allowing your legs to touch the floor.

• For challenging sit ups, you can include weights to these steps.

d) V-Ups:

• Lie on the floor with legs straight out, hands on the floor extended over your head.

Vups for Six pack abs- How to Get 6 Pack Abs (abdominal muscles)

Raise legs and torso simultaneously

• Do not bend your knees

• Reach with your hands towards the raised feet. Touch your feet if possible.

• Relax

• Return to starting position

• Repeat

• Add weight between fact as required

Six Pack Abs Routine: How to Lose Fat

This is very important for attaining six pack abs. here are some efforts you can make towards it.

a) Lift weights:

Remember that the more muscle your body possess, the more calories your body burns.

b) Maintain metabolism:

Eat one small meal every three hours.

c) Eat small dinner:

Eat small dinner and have a gap of at least 5 hours before you sleep.

d) Include fiber in your dinner

e) Do not skip breakfast

f) Drink plenty of water

fiber foods for Six pack abs- How to Get 6 Pack Abs (abdominal muscles)


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