Easy Tips for Bodybuilding Contests and competitions

Bodybuilding contests have become very famous these days. Most people, who are in to bodybuilding, want to show their proficiency to their rivals. The experience of winning makes them proud of their body and hard work they put in to obtain the kind of body they want. However, champions are not born. One requires to work hard and follow a routine that will make him or her reach final goal successfully.

Several bodybuilders utilize steroids or other such substances to enhance muscle mass. All this is due to the tough competition in bodybuilding contests. However, you should remember that using steroids and other banned or harmful substances will not take you anywhere. You need to focus on a good diet regime to win a bodybuilding contest.

Here are some tips:

You should give yourself about ten to fifteen weeks out to start your diet. The diet should be according to your body fat percentage and your body type. For the first ten weeks, you should focus on a diet strictly designed by a professional in this field. You should take low carbohydrates. Try to limit about 20% carbohydrates per meal. The protein should be high in amount. It can be kept roughly 1.5 to 1lb of BW. Fats should be as low as 20-30 a day. In this case you need to keep tabs on an all time low of 20-30 per day by keeping control over your fish, meals etc. Make sure that the food you take is fat free and has the ability to provide you energy sans fat. You can also control intake of fat via including nuts in to your diet. Intake of about five to six meal should be sufficient.

For the first five weeks, you should focus on low GI and high GI. The low GI consists of almost zero effect on the body’s blood sugars. Including foods like broccoli, cauliflower, peppers will provide you low GI levels. High GI has a great impact on the body’s blood sugars.

From week six to eight, you should focus on tightening the diet. At this stage, you should eliminate starch from your diet. You should go for more of vegetables and lean meats, fish etc. Also don’t forget to go for your cardio exercises at least six times a week for thirty minutes before you have your breakfast. These cardio exercises can also be carried out prior to your workout regime.

The ninth week should also see you getting tighten meals. Include oatmeal, protein shake, egg whites, tuna, salad, broccoli, carrots, chicken breasts, baked potato, protein in your meal.

Also perform your cardio before breakfast for up to thirty minutes four times a week. The tenth week should see you getting rid of junk and crappy foods. Only focus on clean foods including beaf, chicken, turkey, eggs, fish, rice, milk, protein shakes, fruit, pasta, vegetables, potato etc. One of the most important elements is water. Try to have at least a gallon of water each day.

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