how squatting helps in shaping buttocks

Thanks to Beyonce, J. Lo, Kim Kardashian, and Nicki Minaj, huge butts are no longer a liability.

These women are proving what some ethnic groups and many men have known all along: a big butt is sexy, feminine and a major turn-on. Your man will be sad when you turn to leave him, but he’ll enjoy watching you go.

Do you want to have a slimmer figure with a similar bigger booty? Then, it is best that you learn how to do proper squats to make your buttock bigger.

Enhancing your booty is definitely a great change that you should consider doing with your body.

There are people who are trying to get a better figure yet are not satisfied with the results as they are not able to get their dream figure.

Understand that having a “huge” butt will not solve all of your romantic relationship challenges. You may want to have a certain look, but there are many facets to the total you. Develop the whole you–body and mind. But bigger buttocks do help in attaining sexy figure.

How squats help in gaining bigger buttocks ?

Easy Simple Squats to Big Asscheeks!

The muscle that is responsible for having those sexy buttocks is the gluteus maximus. Butt muscles or scientifically known as the glutes are the ones that should be enhanced to make sure that you can get a bigger butt and a better figure.

Huge Butt - Squats make your Booty Bigger!

If you are looking for effective squats to make your booty bigger, then the following are some exercises that you should try:

Duration of Squats

Beginners: 2 mins. (3 months)

Medium: 10 mins. (6 months)

Expert: 20 mins. (post 6 months)

  • Stand tall while your feet are slightly wider than the width of your hips.
  • Start flexing your glutes. Do this by pulling the abdominal muscles in towards your spine whle sliding the shoulder blades down your back.
  • Slowly bend your knees and have your hips hinged back while lowering your butt towards the floor. Doing this, allow your torso lean a bit forward.
  • Stop lowering as you notice that your thighs are already parallel to the floor.
  • When doing this exercise, make sure that you are keeping your back straight and your knees are a bit behind the location of your toes.

Patience is the key to achieve firm and round butt cheeks. This is the proper set of squats to make your booty bigger that you can easily try even at home. It does not require any machine or equipment to maximize its effect. You only have to add some resistance when squatting to fatigue the glutes more quickly. If you already have equipment in your home like dumb bells, cable pulleys and others, you can make use of these items to add up the effects.

Huge Buttocks - Knee Squats make your Booty Bigger!

There are still other exercises that you can do that you can add with the usual squats to make your booty bigger. You can choose to add butt bridges or even kick backs. For butt bridges, you just have to lie flat on your back while your knees are bent and your arms are on your sides. Slowly lift your butt to the ceiling and then lower it. Do this exercise for about 10 repetitions in 3 sets. Another exercise is the kick backs. You just have to stand on your 1 leg and kick back your free leg off the floor. This will squeeze your butt to a bubble that can help in enhancing it.

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As you focus on doing squats to make your booty bigger, you can always add resistance to your exercise to maximize the results and even hasten the period of getting the effects that you want. All you have to do is to do it regularly and you will notice results coming your way.

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