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Cardio is extremely important for weight loss and a great cardiovascular health. However, there are many bodybuilders who do not give much importance to cardio. This is because they don’t want to see their muscle mass reducing.

Experts feel that if you are not an ectomorph, a significant part of your exercise regime should include aerobics. Some people believe that cardio does not play a role in reducing muscle mass. In fact, they feel that it helps enhancing endurance and gaining more definitions.

With erratic feeding due to busy professional life, it is need of hour to get in shape and get yourself in gear with a variety of cardio workouts to get your heart pumping.

Why Cardio Workouts are Important ?

If you are still not convinced on doing a cardio, here is a list of reasons to go for regular cardio workouts.

a) Cardio prevents serious diseases such as obesity and heart attack.

b) Regular cardio workouts will provide you good mental health. There are studies that prove that regular cardio exercises to be depressed.

c) Cardio is important to shed off that layer of unwanted fat from your body.

d) The regular performance of cardio helpful in lowering your blood pressure and resting heart rate.

e) Cardio is very important to enhance blood flow to your muscles. The process results in more nutrients being successfully delivered to muscles.

f) Cardio is extremely helpful in increasing endurance. This results in helping you lift heavier weight for a long period of time.

benefits of cardio workouts for men women

How to Perform Cardio Workouts ?

Indulging in regular cardio exercises will let you avail the benefits mentioned above.

There are several things you need to take in consideration when performing cardio. The three major things you should keep in mind are:

a) Duration

b) Intensity

c) Frequency

a) Duration:

The duration determines how long you perform a consistent aerobic activity in a single session. It is recommended that you should be training between twenty and sixty minutes each session. Now, if you are a beginner, you may start via performing shorter workouts of about ten minutes at a time. As soon as you become stronger and more comfortable, you can easily start enhancing the duration you are exercising for.

why home cardio workouts important

Never, ever strain yourself at a initial stages of exercising. In case you feel dizzy during your cardio workout, shop immediately and visit a physician. Don’t think that cardio will result in muscle loss. In fact, about twenty to thirty minutes of cardio daily will add mass to your muscles. Here is a sample workout for a cardio beginner:

Focus on:

• Two minutes of warm up

• Six minutes of higher intensity activity

• Two minutes cool down

If you are an intermediate bodybuilder, here is a sample workout for you.

• Five minutes of warm up

• Twenty to thirty five minutes of high intensity cardio

• Five minutes of cool down

Sample workout for the advanced:

Ten minutes of workout

• Forty minutes of high intensity cardio

• Ten minutes cool down

b) Frequency:

Here, you should focus on performing cardio at least three to five times a week. Never skip your cardio classes.

c) Interval training:

It is a type of cardio workout that takes less time as compared to a regular cardio workout and tends to burn more calories. The workout will also help you keep in shape.

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