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While you may not have been blessed with a naturally voluptuous backside, there are things you can do to effectively improve the size and shape of your butt through exercise and visual trickery

So are you a woman and you want to know how to tighten and lift your buttocks? Well, here are some important tips that really give the best results.

There are plenty of aerobic exercises that help you burn calories while toning your legs and gluteal muscles. These include running, walking uphill, biking, stair-stepping, and using the elliptical.

First of all, toning the buttocks normally needs the use of fat burning and also strength training exercises.

If you are carrying a little extra fat on your butt it is a good idea to try and lose it first. Doing this will allow your buttocks muscles to show through once you start your buttocks exercises.

Buttocks exercises are classified into two categories. General and targeted. Targeted buttocks exercises will work exclusively on the muscles in the gluteal region. While the general buttocks exercises concentrate on burning off excess fat in the buttocks and help to put some strength in the area surrounding it.

First off we will talk about targeted exercises. The experts say that these are the best buttocks exercises that you can do to get a bigger bum.

Squats. These are particularly good to improve your strength in your hips and buttocks and help with your flexibility.

Lunges are quite effective due to the fact that they work several muscles when you do them. Among the muscles that are exercised are the quads, calves, hamstrings and your glutes. because of this it makes lunges one of the most effective exercises for your lower body.

Performing step ups are excellent for wanting to get a bigger butt. Be sure you have a stable platform to step on and off of. Try and increase the angle until you reach 90 degrees as this will help you to get the most out of your buttocks exercises.

Deadlifts are one of the best exercises to get a bigger butt as the main focus of this exercise is the butt and the other muscles in your lower back and hamstrings.

Some other general exercising that can help you to make your bum bigger include cycling, running or hiking. If you can’t do any of these you should try to go for a brisk stroll round the neighborhood for around 30 minutes each day and this will surely help your buttocks get bigger.

Working on some exercises that actually shape-up hips, thighs and also butt will in turn improve the overall shape of the buttock and the thigh region. This makes the torso to look tighter and more so leaner.

Butt/Leg fitness tips

Stomach muscles

1. It is advisable to contract the stomach muscles while doing any of the common buttock-based exercises. By tightening and lifting the stomach muscles in an upward manner will help in protecting the lower back from any injury, at the same time burning the fats in the torso.

Booty Tips - Exercise to Tighten and Lift your Buttocks


2. The back should be kept in a neutral position. This exercise should be done in front of a mirror in order to make sure that the back maintains a more natural position and also not over rounded or arched. Doing these particular exercises with a rounded or in other case arched back can cause someone to injure the spine.

Booty Tips - Exercises to Tighten and Lift your Buttocks


3. The attention should be focused on where the knees are. In that case, during lunges or squats, the knees must never go over the toes. Concerning that, overextending the knees may lead to a serious knee injury. This is because the knee joint supports the body, rather than the buttocks and also thigh muscles.

Booty Tips - Squats to Tighten and Lift your Buttocks


4. Cardiovascular exercise should be done on a regular basis. This is recommended for those who really want to lose their weight in the hips, butt and thighs. The reduction in the overall body fat by using a healthy diet and also exercise is seen to be the best and recommended way to shape the muscles in the body. This is done by doing thirty minutes of moderate cardiovascular kind of exercise daily, at least five times per week. Therefore, the faster the rate of losing weight, then the more exercise is needed. However, it is of great importance to ensure that the body gets enough healthy meals in order for the muscles to be able to recover and rebuild.

Booty Tips - Squats Tighten and Lift your Buttocks

Weight lifts

5. Starting a weight routine should be considered. It is advisable for someone to buy some important personal training sessions at any local gym. So, lifting weights especially on weight machines that usually targets the hamstrings, quads and also gluteal muscles two to three times per every week can tone the butt at a faster rate.

Booty Tips - weight lift to Tighten and Lift your Buttocks
Pre-booty before exercise of 1 year (actual photograph of a professional executive)

In conclusion, the above few tips are very useful when it comes to tightening and lifting the buttocks. Having the above tips in mind will actually make someone to have the right decision on looking for the best and also recommended way to achieve the desired body shape. So, for one to get the best results, following the above tips will really help and at the end of it all, someone will be rest assured that the results are good.

The confidence of a professional executive went sky high, after gaining big booty, it encouraged her to go for a complete make over of her eyes, legs and hairs.

Booty Tips - yoga poses to Tighten and Lift your Buttocks
Big booty after exercise of 1 year (actual photograph of a professional executive)

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