big mistakes of weight lifting

Tired of working out hard with NO results at all? Well, the weight lifting techniques adopted is the culprit. A life sentence to these blunders is the only solution.

Lifting weights can help you lose a lot of weight. It also lowers blood pressure, and improves bone density. However, the only problem is serious weight lifting flaws that most of us indulge in. Avoiding these can provide you with better and quicker results.

Learn from Blunders of Weight Lifters

Faults of Weight Lifting

Listed below are 4 biggest weight lifting mistakes most workout freaks tend to make:

  1. No Focus on Core!

It is natural to focus on arms when lifting weight. However, this leads to neglecting the centre. Not emphasising on core can cause injuries. This is because your back needs to pay off. To make sure you are using the right technique, focus on your ribs. Protruding ribs are a sign that your core isn’t engaged well. To get into the right position, consider bringing your ribs in concert and bracing your core. This is as if someone were about to knock you right in the stomach.

mistakes of weight lifting

  1. Light Weights

Most women tend to feel comfortable with lighter weights as these are easier to handle high reps. However, the real weight loss process demands heavy weights. This will help you build lean muscle. These are precisely the kind that facilitates fast burning of body fat. This will also help you save a lot of time in future. Choose weights that help you get just 6-8 reps at most. You can initially start with light weights and gradually add as you get stronger and can maintain form.

flaws of weight lifting

  1. No Routine for Weight Lifting

Your body will stop reacting if you repeat same exercises with the same weights for similar number of reps. The key is to introduce variations in your routine. Try preparing a schedule three-day-per-week program. This should be continued for over 4-6 weeks. Once you have attained mastery over the program,—move on to another.

faults of weight lifting

  1. No Focus on Free Weights

Most of the time; weight lifters are fooled by fancy equipment in the gym. However, the health experts feel that free weights are the most effective of all equipment. Women usually tend to skip free weights as they are intimidated by these. Using free weights will help a lot more as compared to sticking to the seated machines. The reason is that free weights make you use your body in a more natural movement as compared to when being on a fixed machine. They also help workout your idle muscles to work. Working up more muscles indicates that you burn more calories. The best way to start off is to add some bodyweight exercises to your present routine. This way, you will start feeling comfortable on the mat. After gaining expertise in basic movements, take hold of a dumbbell or two. Once you are able to perform about 6-8 bodyweight squats, try them out holding a pair of dumbbells.

blunders of weight lifting

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