What is Body Detox ?
Body detox is among the best ways of keeping ourselves clean and healthy, besides other methods such as special diets, vitamin supplements, natural therapies, and so on. An important step in a full body detox is to restore or also to replenish energy levels to make you more alert in different areas of your life, such as at work. A body cleanse or body detox is also a great way to give your body a boost after a night of over-indulgence, eating all the wrong foods and consuming more alcohol than is healthy. That is why body detox is needed because some mortals are having this kind of lifestyle.

The human body has a built in detox system that removes harmful substances from the body through excretion but when we put pressure on it by eating unhealthy foods, drinking too much alcohol and not getting enough sleep the system is weakened. At one time, the need for a natural body detox seemed to apply only to those who suffered from some form of drug or alcohol dependency. The pollution your body is exposed to daily, and your consumption of various types of junk food, coffee, aerated drinks, alcohol etc leads to the accumulation of various toxins in your body. Initially known for elimination of excessive alcohol and drugs from the body, detox is now being used more extensively for the process of elimination of any kind of toxins that may be present in the body. A full body detox diet plan using raw vegetables and fresh fruits is especially recommended for young individuals whose bodies have been subjected to high levels of alcohol, burgers and pizzas.

Today’s refined diets, stressful lifestyles antibiotics or other health problems can deplete the body’s natural store of these little miracle workers and upset the delicate balance or eubiosis. There are numerous other methods to detox your body, such as through herbal tea and supplements, in addition to specialized diets and spa programs. Body detox diets vary but typically involve eating or drinking nothing but raw, steamed or gently stir-fried vegetables and fruit, pulses, sprouted seeds, thin soups, juices and plain cereals such as brown rice, millet or buckwheat. Mediterranean diets are low on fat and carbohydrates and they provide us with healthy alternative to the oily food we consume every day.

Detoxification or detoxication (detox for short) is the physiological or medicinal removal of toxic substances from a living organism, including the human body, which is mainly carried out by the liver and kidneys.

How To Detox Body?

Start using the benefit of exercise to cleanse and detoxify your body. Exercise increases oxygen to your system and raises your body temperature, in effect combining oxygen therapy and hyperthermia. Exercise detoxification is an effective method of cleansing many vital organs simultaneously and should become a regular part of your life. There are tons of exercise programs and plans out there, or just walking for at least 12-15 minutes a day is beneficial to the colon function. The simplest form of administering oxygen therapy is through a simple deep breathing exercise.

The increase in the amount of toxins in the body results in stress in the immune system that eventually breaks down due to overwork.

If you are interested in the idea of detoxing and want to receive the fastest results possible, then what you are going to want to do is find a quick detox diet, a body detox that is going to offer you quick results.

Some methods are used individually as body detox solutions while other individuals use several methods together to achieve the best possible results. If you want to receive optimum results from your detox, you should consider taking some supplements for detox.

It is also good for keeping track of detox intervals or a detox schedule, body detox is not just a one time thing, for best results it should be done on a regular basis throughout the year.

While our body is not totally defenseless against toxins as we have an effective built-in natural detoxification system but body detox is still a must to help keep your body free of toxins. One of the much-desired benefits of body detox is weight loss. Liver and Kidneys detox is excellent to use before and during a weight loss program, as it will improve weight loss results. In conclusion, making your own home remedy for body detox is much better and less expensive way to pursue long term health as compared to eating detox pills.

Important source to Detoxify Body

The renowned biochemist scientist Dr. Otto Warburg may have discovered an underlying cause of all cancers over 50 years ago. He actually won two Nobel Prizes for discovering the clues as to why cancer develops. In 1931 Dr. Warburg won his first Nobel Prize for his work in proving cancer is caused by a lack of oxygen respiration in cells. He has shown that cancer cells cannot grow in a highly oxygenated environment. All normal body cells meet their energy needs by respiration of oxygen, whereas cancer cells meet their energy needs in great part by fermentation. He revealed that when oxygen fails and fermentation is substituted for a cell’s energy, the pathway to cancer is opened. He stated that the main cause of cancer is the replacement of this normal oxygen respiration of body cells by an anaerobic (without oxygen) cell respiration.

Workout sweating detoxifies body


Some causes of poor oxygenation include a buildup of carcinogens and other toxins within and around cells, which blocks and then damages the cellular oxygen respiration mechanism. The majority of the foods and drinks we consume are acidic, with colas and other soft drinks being highly acidic. Sang Whang, in his book Reverse Aging, points out that toxins are acidic. If blood starts to become acidic, then the body must take the toxins out of the blood and deposit them in cells so that the blood will be able to maintain a slightly alkaline condition. This causes those cells to become more acidic, and also causes a decrease in their oxygen levels. Alkaline water (including the water in cells) can hold a lot of oxygen. Acidic water (or cells) can hold very little oxygen. So the more acidic your cells are, the less oxygenated they will be.

It is not so easy to get oxygen into cells. Breathing oxygen is still limited by the amount of hemoglobin and acidity for getting oxygen into the cells. A delivery mechanism is needed to get the oxygen into the cells, this is why at we highly recommend Cellfood Concentrate, the World’s most powerful oxygen-producing product with 78 ionic colloidal minerals and 34 plant enzymes. Cellfood has safely provided the nutritional benefits of oxygen therapy to people all over the world. Cellfood’s unique structure oxygenates and feeds the cells- cleaning and tuning up the body’s systems throughout the day.

A lack of oxygen results in sickness, poor vitality, poor stamina, fatigue and a general weak disposition.

Authorities stress that most diseases especially yeast or fungal infections like Candida albians occur most frequently in any oxygen poor environment in the body.

Dr. Stephen Levine, a molecular biologist and respected nutrition researcher has also stated, “We can look at oxygen deficiency as the single greatest cause of disease.” Thus the development of a shortage of oxygen in the blood could very well be the starting point for the loss of the immune system and the beginning of feared health problems such as cancer, leukemia, aids, seizures, nerve deterioration and Candida.

Though oxygen is one of the important keys to good health, not everyone is aware of this. Scientists are only now looking at the important role that oxygen plays in the prevention of disease. The four modern day stressors, toxic stress, emotional stress, physical trauma and infections, all draw upon and excessively deplete the body’s oxygen supply. Our product Cellfood Concentrate provides an incredible oxygen source and delivery system to the body at the cellular level. This Oxygen enriched solution is delivered through ingestion to every single cell in the body.
The result? Anaerobic diseases (virus, bacteria, fungus – which like low Oxygen) find it hard to thrive in such an Oxygen-rich environment.

Oxygen provides life and energy to every living cell. If poor eating habits, drinking, pollution, toxins, drugs or lack of exercise abuse the body, the cells are deprived of vital oxygen and the immune system may be weakened. Low oxygen levels are undesirable because they affect the body’s metabolism and may even cause it to manufacture improper chemicals and/or give rise to various health problems.

Oxygen is a powerful detoxifier and when it is deficient, then toxins begin to devastate the body functions and deplete the body of life giving energy. Initial symptoms of oxygen deficiency may include overall weakness, fatigue, circulations problems, poor digestion, muscle aches and pains, dizziness, depression, memory loss, irrational behaviour, irritability, acid stomach and bronchial complications. One of oxygen’s main functions in the body is disintegration; rubble, garbage, toxins, refuse, debris, and any useless substance is destroyed by oxygen and carried out of the system. One can therefore realise the vital importance of oxygen to optimum health.

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