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Generally speaking, the proper eating habits refer to the regular meals that a person should take aside from the snacks in between meals. By following the correct eating routine, the body is able to get the adequate supply of energy that it needs. A diabetic patient must be obedient in following the diabetic nutrition chart so that their blood sugar level is kept at its normal level. It would also be helpful if the patient performs exercise regularly. By this means, the patient can avoid health problems like obesity and other related complications associated with diabetes.

A diet plan is very important because it serves as a guide for the patient when it comes to meal planning and selecting the appropriate food that a diabetic patient should consume. Selecting the correct meal program will enable you to keep your cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar at normal levels. Also, it will help you maintain a healthy weight.

On the whole, diabetes is a health condition that often leads to other complications if not treated correctly. For this reason it is important to be wise in choosing the kinds of meals to prepare. It is also essential that your diabetic nutrition chart and diet plan should be coupled with regular exercise, proper medications and food supplements.

The important thing to remember when you have diabetes is that it is essential for you to follow a healthy diet and exercise on a regular basis. A diabetes nutrition diet should consist of carbohydrates (20 to 40%), protein (20 to 40%), and 30% or less of fat where possible. Checking product labels is very important for diabetics to see what ingredients are contained within. Becoming a smart shopper will be very beneficial for your health and diabetes. All packaged foods by law must provide a list of ingredients; they are listed by weight proportion in descending order, which means that the first ingredient listed has the largest amount.

What to look for on product labels:

  • Make sure there are no animal derived ingredients, the most common are milk solids, casein, whey, gelatine, and egg products
  • Watch out for partially hydrogenated vegetable oils, these are actually as bad as saturated fats which are found in many processed foods
  • Always check the nutritional facts, the ideal serving of food should have no more than 2 grams of fat

The basics of diabetes nutrition are that the food you eat becomes your fuel. Your body converts energy that is found in food in many different ways, therefore, your body needs food just like a car needs fuel. Your body however needs three different types of fuel, which consists of carbohydrates, protein and fat. Water is a very important and essential nutrient that you must include in your day. Drinking water is very important for your body to function correctly, so please make sure that you drink water on a regular basis throughout the day.

Apart from reading package labels, it is also important that you watch the number and the type of nutrients that each food that you eat contains. There are four key ingredients in foods that you need to monitor on a regular and consistent basis if you want to practice proper gestational diabetes nutrition. They are –

a) carbohydrates
b) fat
c) fiber
d) protein.

Protein Foods – What types of foods should you look for that has protein? Some foods that contain protein include different types of meats, poultry, fish, and different types of dairy products (like milk, yogurt, eggs and cheese), You should eat enough protein that is equal to the size of the typical deck of cards. Some of the best sources of protein are low-fat cheese, grilled fish, baked chicken and bean soup.

Carbohydrates Foods – Food that contains carbohydrates are typically consumed too much by most people. They contain a certain type of sugar that is needed but not needed as much as many people eat it. Some of the best types of carbohydrates to eat are found in cereal, toast, baked potatoes and boiled pasta. You should only eat about 40% of carbohydrates.

Fiber Foods – Food that contains fiber contains a specific type of carbohydrate. This carbohydrate provides a great form of gestational diabetes nutrition because of its nutritional attributes. Fiber also decreases constipation, which is vitally important for proper digestion. Some examples of good fiber based foods include hot cereals (oatmeal and oat bran), fresh fruits and vegetables, whole-grain breads, beans and corn tortillas.

Fat Foods – One type of food that you want to minimize is fat. You do need to have a certain amount of fat in your diet. However, what you don’t want to do is have too much fat. Too much fat can be a hindrance to proper gestational diabetes nutrition. Therefore you want to stick to foods that have low-fat or focus on nonfat foods.

Another important aspect that has relative importance in the formation of the diabetic nutrition chart is the tastes and likes and dislikes of the food items of the patient. These go a long way in making an impact on the patient’s ability to successfully adopt and implement the diabetic diet plan so that the body is able to maintain normal blood glucose levels. Proper eating habits are imperative to ensure the success of the diabetic diet plan. the idea should be to supplement the nutritional needs of the body with the food items which have been suggested by the dietician so that despite suffering from dreaded disease like diabetes the body does not loose out on its essential requirements and can perform the daily tasks without much trouble.

Proper eating habits or routine would mean the regular meals should be supplemented by snacks in between meals. The basic purpose of this is to ensure that there is regular interval between meals so that body gets its required energy source. Following a diabetic nutrition chart religiously helps in controlling the blood glucose levels so that the body is able to get its required nutrition levels. The diabetic diet plan should be complimented with exercise in order to ensure that the problem of excess weight and other possible threats are kept at bay.

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  1. Living with Diabetes is not at all easy. One must go for a regular health checkup to monitor blood glucose levels and prevent diabetes.

  2. JDOGG1122 says:

    Can i just have a brief and detailed answer about how diet affects the function and structure of the circulatory system and plz include more then a sentence! thanks!

  3. That is a great advise.

  4. AlterEgoTrip says:

    This is a nice series you have been putting up, any chance of one on the topic of Asthma?

  5. Thank you for your excellent advice.

  6. You mean ten sugars in my coffee over 10-20
    years is something that I do? I just avoided
    a girl who did that. She was all over the place. She had reason to use 10 sugars…she had stress.

  7. It always sets me back just a bit whenever anybody implies, “you did this to yourself”. It feels to much like, “you’re getting what you deserve”. Most people, I think, are unwitting recipients.

    For me it’s genetic. I did not get it from stuffing my face with sweets and barely touched them.

    I ate what was supposed to be a healthy diet. Now I find out that what’s supposed to be good, has turned toxic for “me”. It feels like I’ve dropped off into the Twilight Zone of eating.

  8. Sugar is bad, is the messege. But what about natural sugar such as apples, honey, carrots?
    Are these hard on the body?

  9. mcurren2004 says:

    Very informative. Thank you for inviting me. mc

  10. Ten packs of sugar in the coffee=type 2 D.
    It is difficult to reason with a persons
    pleasure center. There is the question
    of moods. People do pot and sugar because
    without it they’d be doing something
    much worse. I have tried to get off the
    caffeine(w/o sugar)alcohol routine. One
    goes with the other. It’s difficult.
    Wonder why Mormons look better than average?
    They don’t do c/a.

  11. kanatlisair says:

    Very interesting, thanks for posting this

  12. goldmarker says:

    I’ve always wondered why Mormons looks so good + healthy. Is that really the reason why?

  13. Yes, the observant Mormons do things under
    their own steam. They don’t need caffeine
    to get up in the morning and they don’t
    need alcohol to relax. They don’t drink
    soft drinks. (Some probably make up for
    it with 10 packs of sugar in the lemon-aid.)
    Hormones don’t spike and don’t flatten.

  14. BrettsViews says:

    There’s a lot more about sugar you need to know. It is slowly killing you. One portion shuts down your immune system for 5 hours…there’s 18 sugars in a can of coke! See my video.

  15. rafaeltejera says:

    It was really good.

    Thank you Dr. Bellonzi


  16. BeatleUniversity says:

    I am a sugar addict who needs to get off of it. I am not obese and I exercise. But I am not where I should be in my fitness because of my intake of ice cream, donuts and sugar. I need to get this under control. Any suggestions?
    Great video, thanks!

  17. psychetruth says:

    Search YouTube for “sugar addiction psychetruth”

    You will have four videos show up that tell you how to beat a sugar addiction.

  18. blackninja133 says:

    I’m 16, male and live in the UK. Just today I discovered that I have an endless thirt and I pee a lot because of that. I do exercise a lot and haven’t found any other symtom of diabetes yet. What do you think? Am I safe, do I have pre-diabetes, or do I have it already?

  19. pbatrader says:

    Question, How come diabetes can’t eat majority of the fruits?

  20. yep and I have downloaded all those four videos and will never look at sugar the same way again.

  21. I fell into the exact same boat your in, I got blood tested and get my results back soon 🙂

  22. johnjnesbit says:

    I agree with you on this. The speaker in the video is using a shame and blame approach. There is a huge revenue potential for the treatment and maintenance of diabetes. We need healing. Healing does not occur by frightening and punishing the afflicted. Stress and turmoil are what has brought ill health into lives to begin with . We don’t need more of what is killing us. Natural foods organically grown are what we all need more access to. Not necessarily vegan or raw either.

  23. FreedomInMe2008 says:

    majority of fruits are high in sugar so if consumed in excess can increase blood levels. Sugary fruits don’t necessarily have to be completely avoided as long as one keeps to his/her carbs needs at every meal with the help of a dietitian, such as my self!

  24. extrateresstrial says:

    thats bull a diabetic doesnt eat more sugar or carbs than non-diabetic

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