diabetic dog food and cure

Before we look at feeding a diabetic dog, I just want to take you on a human diabetes journey.

A small group of dedicated dieticians and practitioners decided to conduct an experiment. They chose six people with type 2 diabetes. They were all put on a special diet, closely monitored by doctors, and asked to report on any changes.

Within one week, most were off their diabetes medication. Within a month, they all were.

So the questions you may now be asking are, what was the diet and can it be duplicated with dogs.

The answer to the last question first is that yes it can be duplicated for dogs.

Homeopaths always look for the cause of any disease or health problem. If you know that, and treat it, then the problem disappears. Just treating symptoms without looking at the cause seems to be heading down a dark alley.

So lets look at the cause of the human diabetes, before moving on to the canine form.

In the above situation, the six people were put on a strictly raw diet. Nothing cooked at all. So fast food was out!

It’s not just the cooking that destroys essential nutrients for a healthy body. It’s also the food itself. All processed food, such as sugar and white flour have been processed to remove the valuable nutrients that help digestion. So the molasses that comes from sugar refineries, is very rich in minerals, which would help digest the white sugar.

Likewise the wheat germ that is removed from flour, helps to digest it.

Without these valuable nutrients, the body goes badly out of balance and all sorts of things can go wrong, including blood sugar levels.

So if you’re feeding a diabetic dog one of the big brands of commercial dog food, that could be the answer to your problems.

The vast majority of commercial dog foods use a filler of some sort to pad out the protein content. This makes it go further, so is more profitable for them, less nutritious for your dog.

Fillers vary according to what ever is in surplus on the world market, making very cheap options. Sugar was (probably still is) one such filler.

Can you imagine the impact on your dog’s health, if you are feeding a high percentage of sugar on a regular basis?

If the food is the cause of your dog having diabetes, it seems sensible to change the diet. If you are feeding a diabetic dog all raw food, not only will there be no processed food, but there will be no filler either.

This alone can cure most diabetic dogs.

What you have probably been recommended to feed your dog is the most likely cause of the diabetes.

By virtue of its daily consumption, food is vital to all living beings good health. Feeding a diabetic dog on food which closely resembles that of a wild dog’s diet, is the best way of bringing health back into balance.

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