Prevention of Suicide is Everybody’s Business

We are losing approximate one million human lives a year worldwide due to suicidal deaths. It is not only the case of death and births subject, which keeps statistics of human counts. Today is September10, an international suicide prevention day . International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) a world health organization’s help group is seriously working on this subject. Now days we are passing through commercialization/Industrialization/capitalist regime, western countries has experienced it much earlier then us. They are facing bio products of this so called revolution as suicidal syndrome in these societies. Developed nations has high suicidal death rate than those developing nations which are passing through commercialization/Industrialization but rate are on rising side for developing nations if not minded will lead towards infinity.

As our Indian society is going through these conditions most affected are those urban areas where commercialization/Industrialization has taken place. Cut throat competitions in every sphere of life lead to mental pressure on these citizens. When our mind could not able to cope up with these men made pressures resulted into a suicide. It is not merely a criminal physical action but result of mental malfunction, which comes into health domain. It should be treated as well established man made disease like HIV/AIDS. Today its occurrence is approximate one million worldwide but it is still more lives lost than

In all wars and homicides worldwide every year.

Three times the catastrophic loss of human lives in the tragic Tsunami disaster.

. One suicide represents

A lost life, lost talents, lost creativity, lost contribution made to society.

A lost son or daughter, a lost father or mother, a lost friend or colleague.

A wound that does not easily heal in those who left behind.

The health administrators in developing nations are not giving attention on this especially in country like India and china are in transformation era of commercialization /Industrialization/capitalist regime in check list. As in case of HIV/AIDS origin was in western part of globe (developed nations). It remained confined till it was in this part of world. When it reached in Asia the population basket of world it becomes manifold in its number in few years. Similar to this suicidal syndrome which is resultant of commercialization/Industrialization/capitalist regime, western countries has experienced it much earlier then us. It is now time to keep check on this syndrome otherwise HIV/AIDS type threat to human races is in waiting in coming year in our part of world.

Last not least is national level initiatives to fight against suicidal syndrome at medical and social fronts should be included in national health programme.

Why prevention of suicide is everybody business?

Answer to this is of English poet John Donne

” No man is an island, entire of itself…..any man’s death diminish me, because I am involve in mankind; and therefore never send to whom the bell toll; it toll for thee”.

Dinesh Singh Rawat
Special correspondent

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