Many a question has gone unanswered why people suffer from OCD and the reason for that is there is no known answer. What we do know? is that obsessive compulsive disorder affects 2% of the people in the UK. It is a disorder where a sufferer performs repetitive actions to relieve anxiety

OCD without doubt is a type of anxiety disorder and the good news, it is treatable.

None of us escape unpleasant thoughts every one of us at some time have had experience of this way of thinking. Fortunately for some they manage to banish these thoughts unlike that of a victim of OCD who struggle to control their behaviour brought on as a result by these nasty thoughts in which the content can relate to aggression and violence.

Fear of contamination is a symptom that burrows deep into a patient’s mind leaving them with a sense of insecurity where they feel dirty and unclean hence habitual compulsory hand washing. Then we have the worrier who constantly doubles back on them selves checking to secure doors/windows etc.
Frustration is high on the cards for an infected person who plays the number game where counting denotes how and when things are done, little things like the arranging of objects can escalate out of control for a sufferer if moved out of place.

Peace of mind is all an infected person is in search of and by fulfilling tasks that have become an obsession, it is then they find contentment even if only for a little while. Compulsive behaviours are carried out religiously by people with OCD to help counteract depression/anxiety brought on by their obsessions.

The reason behind why people suffer from OCD is unknown but there are factors that can be taken into account where some evidence has shown that it runs in the family, this does not mean that your actions are duplicated like that of your blood brothers. Disorders such as trichotillomania and picking of the skin, are quite common hand me downs.

People who have no understanding on this condition would see habits performed by an OCD sufferer as a sign of madness. Health of an infected person can deteriorate due to self inflicted stress by trying to conceal their actions. Stop, for all you know the person next to you may also be doing the same.

Come out of the closet so as to speak and make the illness visible. People in your life that matter can not help what they can not see

Leprosy went out with the ark where people were sectioned off away from the land of the living. 2% is a rather large percentage of people suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder. So you are not on your own, so why go it alone.

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