While alcohol consumption is considered to be a recreational activity for adults, it can carry with it potential health hazards including dependence, addiction, liver damage and all kinds of different accidents. Alcohol test kits can help put a stop to irresponsible drinking, and reduces the amount of workplace accidents, drunk driving arrests and accidents and binge drinking-related deaths.

Signs of Alcohol Abuse

Someone under the influence of alcohol typically exhibits very characteristic signs including glassy eyes, irritability, memory loss, decreased hygiene, job performance and school performance, argumentative behavior and decline in relationships.

Signs of Alcohol Addiction

People who consume 15 or more drinks per week are prone to developing alcohol dependence or becoming alcoholics. Symptoms of alcoholism include excuse-making behavior in order to drink, violent outbursts, tendency to hide drinking habits, forgetting meals, nausea, confusion, decline in physical appearance, inability to quit drinking and drinking alone.

Signs of Alcohol Poisoning

Alcohol poisoning is very serious. A person suffering from alcohol poisoning requires immediate medical attention, as death can result. Some signs and symptoms to watch for that indicates alcohol poisoning include confusion, seizures, vomiting in sleep, hypothermia and irregular or slowed breathing. If someone has drank a large quantity of alcohol and exhibits these symptoms, call 911 immediately.

Alcohol Testing

There are several different types of alcohol detection tests for use both in the home and in the workplace. The most popular include the breath analyzer and a saliva screen test. Both of these alcohol drug test kits provide fast and easy-to-read results with lab-accuracy.

Alcohol testing kits are valuable tools that help to keep people responsible for their drinking behaviors. Likewise, alcohol testing can help businesses maintain a safe and healthy work environment for their employees, lowering the amount of onsite accidents and saving companies money. Alcoholism is damaging to a company’s production rate and reputation, by increasing losses due to sick days, lowered productivity, onsite accidents, worker’s compensation claims and insurance claims. This is precisely the reason many companies opt to incorporate alcohol drug testing into their procedures.

Some industries are required to enforce the use of alcohol drug test kits. Such an industry is the Department of Transportation, which is government mandated to comply with alcohol and drug testing regulations. DOT alcohol & drug tests keep the public safe and the Department of Transportation accountable.

Parents can also benefit from alcohol tests. A simple breathalyzer test can determine whether or not your teen has been drinking, and if so how much. A simple alcohol drug test can help you either lay your fears to rest as a parent or seek appropriate help for your child should the need arise.

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