In our lives, days are not always the same. On some days we feel great, other times we have worries. Sometimes we are relaxed, other times we are tensed with worries on our mind.

In these conditions, friends, even the best foods will not be digested-at least properly that is. In addition, considering the many abominable food combinations most of our meals are prepared under and the general use of junk and unnatural substances for consumption, eating when dealing with a problem will quite simply lead to fermentation and poisoning of the body as these items will never be digested.

Strong emotions that characterize depression such as worry, fear, sadness and anger stop the rhythmic conditions of the stomach walls and dry out the stomach as well. As a matter of fact, too much joy and happiness will do likewise.

If you observe angry and frightened animals and even babies, they have a tendency to refrain from eating, until after a passage of considerable time, these emotional states have passed off.

Moreover, it is true that under stressful circumstances many civilized people refrain from eating and find in truth that they lack the desire for food, but it is also too often that most of us will eat large meals under these circumstances, which will be mostly disease forming foods to start with, that as a consequence, complicates or altogether halts an already retarded ongoing digestion.

From all the indications above, a depressed person simply needs a fast (abstinence from eating) not a feast. The body and the mind need all their physical, mental and spiritual energy to meet challenging circumstances and since much energy is actually required to digest, process and assimilate food, one actually could be adding fuel to a fire from eating (especially too much) when under stress.

Perhaps this is why in the Bible and as documented in other religious faiths, when most people in the olden days such as David, Esther and Paul, were facing trying times, they simply retreated to a place of solitude and abstained from eating.

Renowned hygienist, Albert Mosseri, explains it best when he says: “Life’s difficulties are not as overwhelming when the stomach is empty. Calm comes back and discouragement fades away. Enthusiasm is reborn and hope comes back. All the miseries will then seem less important then they first seemed.”

It may not be what would solve the problem at hand but it will help the mind to focus on fixing what the problem is, so friends as a tool for dealing with life’s challenges abstain from eating till the problem is solved. When you succeed at that, then it may be time to have a feast.

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