how to beat depression

In today’s fast paced world depression is very common. The effects of globalization and changing environment at work places are the most obvious reasons along with increasing complexity in relationship and daily life. You may deny that you are under the state of depression but remember it is the first you are making. A lot of studies have shown that accepting the pshycological condition is the first step towards the improving yourself.

So in this article we will see what the depression really is?, How to face and get out of depression?, what are the reasons behind depression?

What is depression?

First of all we will try to understand what the depression really is? Depression is different from other feelings like sadness. As human being we can not run from these feelings like sadness, happiness or whatever it may be and these are the indications that you are human being not a machine!
So depression is condition when a person feels lack of energy, enthusiasum and fatigue during most of the period. He/she may feels like committing suicide or he/she may feel like giving up everything! But these are not the ways to solve the problem, certainly not!

Symptoms of Depression

  1. If your mood is depressed for most of the time of day; particularly during morning!
  2. Inability to sleep in time.
  3. Feeling of fatigue.
  4. If you feel worthless about everything.
  5. If you don’t value yourself or your feelings.
  6. Continuous thoughts of death or committing suicide
  7. If you don’t find any aim of your life.
  8. Feeling uncomfortable while socializing.

So these are some symptoms of depression. And if you feel like you are in a state of depression then first step for improving yourself is to accept that you are in state of depression.

Depression affects your daily life a lot! You might not talk properly with peoples which may result in serious problems in relationships and at work. You will not do anything with zeal if you are in condition of depression and that will affect your quality of work. You will have problem in concentrating on particular things. So it would be great if you build up your confidence start towards normal, healthy and happy life.

How to beat the depression

  1. Laugh! As per my opinion laughing is the medicine for any phsycological condition. You can watch some comedy serials or films. Try to attempt whatever it may be to keep you laughing.
  2. Take leave from your daily work and go outside. Spend some time in company nature and it would improve mental and physological condition definitely.
  3. Talk about depression. Discuss your problems and feelings with your friends and loved ones. It is not wrong to have discussion. Believe me you will feel much better!
  4. Spend time with small children. And I bet if you do it with dedication and love children will teach you lot of things!
  5. Keep some hobby and spend time in it.
  6. Try to sleep in time at night and also try to get up early in the morning. Try for proper, comfortable and calm sleep.
  7. Never ever think of suicide! And remember it will create more problems for your loved ones.
  8. Read good books!
  9. Stop self talking! Specially stop self talking in negative way!
  10. Forgive other peoples who have made some mistake with respect to you and lastly don’t give up!

Life is simple and it is more beautiful than it simplicity. So think positive, believe in yourself and make your life more beautiful

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