Seeking Alternative Cancer Treatment For Prostate Cancer

Scottsdale, AZ-based New Hope Medical Center, an alternative cancer treatment center, offers patients suffering from chronic diseases a place to go in order to receive alternative cancer treatment care. Each plan is tailored to a single person, making those who choose alternative cancer treatment care a unique way to fight their cancer or other chronic disease.

Prostate cancer forms in the prostate, a gland in the male reproductive system. This type of cancer affects 1 in 6 men and is the most common non-skin cancer in America. The rate for a prostate cancer diagnosis increases as a man ages. In fact, most men with prostate cancer are over 65 years old. In 2008, there were a total of over 186,000 new cases of prostate cancer, and about 29,000 prostate cancer-related deaths.

Prostate cancer may not show any symptoms, but those who do have symptoms involve urinary problems. A man with prostate cancer may have difficulty passing urine, experience pain or burning during urination or even see blood in the urine. A doctor can diagnose prostate cancer by either performing a rectal exam or testing the blood for a prostate-specific antigen.

At the New Hope Medical Center, the team of doctors works hard to ensure each patient who chooses an alternative cancer treatment is given the utmost care in hopes of suppressing the disease and improving overall wellbeing. There are four main goals the doctors at New Hope Medical Center try to achieve with every patient. They are the following.

1. Try to stop the tumor from growing.
2. Try to make the tumor regress.
3. Reach the stage where the tumor completely disappears.
4. Keep the patient in remission with no recurrences of cancer.

New Hope Medical Center believes boosting the immune system through noninvasive therapy is a key way to eliminate cancer and other chronic illnesses. The doctors at this alternative cancer treatment center also stress body detoxification along with the proper nutrition and diet as ways to bring the body to a better state of health.

The beautiful facilities of New Hope Medical Center and honest, caring, and compassionate staff welcome any cancer or chronic illness sufferer who is looking for an alternative treatment and method of care. Several cancer sufferers have provided testimonials praising New Hope Medical Center, the founder, Dr. Fredda Branyon, and the experienced, highly-qualified staff members. New Hope Medical Center has helped several cancer patients in their quest to conquer this disease through the use of alternative cancer treatments. Along with proper nutrition and immune system building, other alternative cancer treatment options may include physical therapies, homeopathic medicine, botanical or herbal therapies, systemic enzyme therapy, hormone therapy, acupuncture and stress management, as well as chiropractic medicine.

Men suffering from prostate cancer have other ways to fight cancer besides the conventional chemotherapy or radiation. Contacting the doctors at New Hope Medical Center is a positive first step towards fighting cancer, whether it is prostate cancer or another form of cancer.

2 Responses to Seeking Alternative Cancer Treatment For Prostate Cancer

  1. Michael K says:

    My father who is 52 has a mass on his lung. He will be getting a biopsy on Monday so i am still unsure if it is cancer. I’ve been doing research about natural ways to help the growth of cells stopping and so on . So pretty much i just need a very direct explanation of how i can help. I would like to know what kind of diet i can put him on and if thier is anything else besides the diet he could do to help. I would be very interested in other people’s experanice. He prob would do the kemo and radiation treatments and i just want the natural way to help his overall health and use it as an alternative just in case. If anyone even knows of any good books i can read.Thank you everyone i really appreciate it .
    Maybe I miss worded what I was trying to say . I’m not trying to push him into a diet or get his hopes about an alternative i just wanted to know what food would help with immune system and building white cells. He agreed before this even happend that he needed to start eating better .. For an example i read to stay away from sugars and try to keep things as organic as possabile since alot of the meets and even milk we consume, those animals are injected with growth hormones . I’m not against chemo or radiation . And I wasn’t aware cemo was natural . I just wanted to know how to keep him healthy and try to make his body feel overall better .. This is a very hard and a very confusing time for me .

  2. kerrin marz says:

    If we note that in young men with normal testosterone levels we don’t see prostate cancer why do seek to decrease testosterone? There are many natural products out there to balance hormone levels. Metagenics makes a product called Testralin for men and Estrofactors for Women I had high estrogen levels took Estrofactors for 1 1/2 years added DHEA 100mg a day and in 30 day had the estrodial drop to 270, adding testosterone dropped it to a perfect level.
    As we get older between aging and diet which is stripping our bodies of its vitamins and minerals we need to supplement. Sometimes we need to megadose using a doctor that will test levels to get back to peak levels. Use a doctor that is willing to work with you and test your blood as you go. Realize that nothing happens overnight. It all takes time. I allowed 6months or so between blood tests for things to work. I cut back on the DHEA to once a week once I was balanced.

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