As a designer of the first wig for cancer patients, Rodolfo Valentin created the first cancer wigs for his mother Sofia a cancer victim. In his memory Rodolfo Valentin helps women, men and children under same circumstances giving them a cancer wig for free for people that cannot afford to pay the 4,800 dollars cost.

Lace front wig, full lace front wigs, custom made lace front wigs are Rodolfo Valentin specialty. He is the leader in the industry worldwide, supplying custom made wigs for mostly European countries, South America, North America, Mexico and the rest of the word.

Hair extensions salons, by Rodolfo Valentin, hair extensions, human hair extensions, at his Hair extension Boutique. He is the leader hair extensions salon, trading with hair extensions and hair replacement, since 1984.As a creator of most of the hair replacement systems available in the market he offers unlimited choices of hair replacement and hair additions. Using only 100% Human Remy Hair in all hair replacement items, he can also provide a totally matching texture and ethnic hair. Rodolfo Valentin can take you to great lengths of hair or just to add volume to your short hair. Hair Boutique staff is highly qualified in the hair replacement industry with more than 25 years of experience!

Locally, Rodolfo Valentin custom made wigs and hairpieces for most top hair salons in New York City, Philadelphia, Boston, Los Angeles, and Long Island. Rodolfo Valentin is the teacher of most hairstylists worldwide about hair replacement techniques.

Rodolfo Valentin with more than 35 years of hair replacement knowledge has traveled the world around several times a year in the search of new materials and working with mostly manufacturers in Asia in the creation of new hair replacement techniques. Rodolfo Valentin, his trademarked and unique hair infusion extensions, is the result of his constantly extensive research in new ways of adding hair without compromise the health of the recipient own natural hair. Rodolfo Valentin has been named the Best of Citysearch, awarded with the Top Hair colorist award by NYC Guide, named by the press as the King Of Hair Color, Winner of the grand design award for his custom made wigs and hairpieces.

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