Prostate cancer has been present for a long time, but it is only now, that it is given the rising fame it deserves. According to the American Cancer Society, it is the most common male cancer in the United States and second to lung cancer as the cause of cancer-related deaths in men. On the bright side, only 1 man out of 8 with prostate cancer will die of the disease. Lung cancer, as compared to prostate cancer, now seems more frightening as a butt of a cigarette costs you, pronto, a year of life less. There have been updates on the latest treatment on prostate cancer. Hope is at hand.

Prostate cancer commonly affects old men, especially those above forty years old. It is very important that men are made aware of prostate cancer warning signs. All should have an idea on prostate problems symptoms and prostate infection symptoms because this is a silent disease. Its symptoms are experienced only when the disease has developed into a big problem that when diagnosed, could scare people to death, not due to the disease itself but out of fright.

According to different prostate cancer questions and answers, the exact cause of this type of cancer is still unclear. It was said that there is uncontrolled growth of the cells in the prostate gland which can cause the prostate gland to enlarge and block urine flow. It compares to a balloon that when filled with too much air will burst. Also, a filled-up balloon inside a pipe would not allow fluid to pass through. Though, the exact cause is still unclear, others stating that this involves many steps, infections should not be taken for granted. These might lead to prostate infection symptoms. It is believed that genes, age, sex, and the like could make you more at risk.

Since signs of prostate cancer in men are not usually seen right off the bat, screening tests are conducted to check for the possible presence of it. On the latest treatment on prostate cancer, screening tests has been the best method for early identification. The American Cancer Society suggests that every man 50 years of age or older should have a rectal examination and PSA (Prostate Surface Antigen) test done as part of his annual physical examination. Those at high risk, such as those with positive family history and race, should undergo annual screening beginning at 45 years old.

Prostate cancer warning signs that men should know are increased night time urination and frequency, blood in the urine, and urine hesitancy. If experiencing any of these, go see and have a chat with your trusted doctor about your prostate problems symptoms.

The latest treatment on prostate cancer is by shrinking the gland through radiation therapy or removing a part of it by surgery.

Prostate cancer shouldn’t be run away from. Armed with the knowledge on prostate cancer warning signs and emotional support makes one stand up against the Big C with courage and quiet dignity.

Dr. Arnold P. Nerenberg, PhD, is an internationally renowned clinical psychologist, motivational speaker and educator. He is also a prostate cancer survivor that is why he wants to help each man who has a problem with their prostate. Visit for more information.

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