Breast cancer is one of the most dreaded diseases for women and is in fact the leading cause of cancer deaths among women. The figure of those who have died from breast cancer has reached half a million for 2008 alone. What is even more dreadful about breast cancer is that the disease usually indicates the presence of other serious ailments that further compound the situation.

The Common Causes of Breast Cancer

Because of the enormity of the problem that a woman affected with breast cancer faces, it is very important to learn the risk factors and the causes of the cancer to ensure correct treatment for the disease. In understanding breast cancer, the following causes are the most common:

* Family History. The possibility of a woman contracting breast cancer is magnified if there is a prior family history with a mother, sister, and other close relatives. As such, when a previous family member contracted the disease, it may be wise for one to be on the watch out for the symptoms of the disease. In instances where the ancestor contracted the disease before reaching the age of 40, the possibility of other women in the family contracting the disease is even greater because it indicates that the origin of the disease is genetic in nature.
* Personal History. Here, it means that if a woman contracted the disease in one breast, there is the strong possibility that the disease will affect the other breast. The time it will take for the disease to spread to the other disease may take a long time, depending on the medication and intervention made, but it is nonetheless wise to remain alert for signs of the disease spreading to the other breast as well.
* Race. Although this may be questionable in some circles, statistics reveal that women of Caucasian origin are more likely to contract the disease than women from other regions.
* High Processed Meat Products Consumption. This is due to the presence of sodium and nitrates in processed meat products that may irritate body cells and cause changes in the DNA. The mentioned factors normally lead to breast cancer. Grilling these processed meat products generates carcinogens that can increase the possibility of contracting breast cancer.
* Products Containing Aluminum Salts. Believe it or not, deodorants and antiperspirants are linked to breast cancer. This is due to findings of aluminum deposits on the outer tissues of patients affected by the cancer. Because aluminum is not naturally present in the body, its presence could only come from deodorants and antiperspirants. It is thought that the aluminum in these products is absorbed by the body. Experts suggest to use alternatives and products that do not contain aluminum salts.
* Absence or Lack of Physical Activity. This is because lack of physical activity contributes to obesity and weight gain, both of which contribute to acquiring breast cancer resulting from living a sedentary lifestyle.

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