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According to Brian Williams of NBC Nightly News on September 8th 2008, Stand Up to Cancer raised over $100 million over this past weekend. This money will not decrease the estimated yearly 550,000 people diagnosed with cancer. Treatments for cancer and research money for finding the cure for cancer are futile efforts by a medical industry that uses approaches with aggressive words like: ‘We must win the fight against Cancer,’ and the ‘War on Cancer’. That approach needs to be turned around. It needs to change.


I , David Snieckus, declares a, ‘Peace with Cancer’.  Instead of bombarding the tumors with radiation or chemotherapy or invading human bodies with a knife, let’s begin a more gentle and peaceful way. Let’s start by being grateful for our cancer as a messenger for us to address its cause and change our lifestyles!

The medical treatments that people decide upon, along with their doctors, think that there is something outside of ourselves that can cure cancer. There is no cure for cancer except our immune systems. We can prevent and actually reverse cancer without doctors and their drugs by strengthening our immune systems! This begins right in our own kitchens with a change in our diets!” TIME Magazine, Oct. 15th 2007 pointed out that Breast Cancer is spreading around the world because of the American diet. I know that to be: too much white sugar; too much white flour; too much dairy products, like milk, cream, butter, cottage cheese, yogurt, especially ice cream;too much processed foods;too much french fries; too much salad dressings;too much chips; too much honey; too much chocolate; too much of any type sweeteners; too much spices; too much alcohol; too many birth control pills; too many drugs (over the counter or under);too many medications; too many chemically grown, processed and treated foods; too much meat;too many eggs; too much chicken; too much baked cakes, cookies and bread.

When President Nixon gave his State of the Union address in January 1971, pronouncing a ‘War on Cancer’, I was just returning from Vietnam. Since then, trillions of dollars have been spent on the ‘War on Cancer’. But all the research, all the drugs, all the surgeries for cancer and all the millions raised have not resulted in long term health. These approaches may have prolonged the lives of some, but most all cancer survivors, experience recurrences. Why? They did not change their eating habits and their lifestyles. In declaring a “Peace with Cancer”,  I want everyone to know that cancer is not necessarily the deadly disease we have accepted in our collective consciousness. Of course, we have to be serious about it, but cancer needs to be looked at differently. Cancer treatments need a new approach. Instead of a war on cancer, with drugs, radiation and surgery, we can declare peace with cancer and see it for what it really is: A wake-up call to take better care of our bodies and feed ourselves properly! A messenger for healthy changes!

I have researched chronic illness, especially cancer, since 1977, see With my knowledge and wisdom, (Macrobiotic Counselor and Chef for over 30 years) I have taken on the great challenge of helping to shape the new era of health and wellness in America.

Let me repeat, “call off the doctors, call off the drugs, call off the chemicals, call off the surgeries. In fact call off the fundraising! The war is over. See Cancer as our friend. Cancer is a healthy reaction to an unhealthy lifestyle. There is no medical cure for cancer. Cancer is the cure. See cancer as your ally and peacefully change your diet and lifestyle.”

David Snieckus is currently writing the book, THE CURE: Change YOUR Eating! For more information and a FREE REPORT, David can be reached at617-964-2951. Along with Margaret and their daughter, Abigail, they are co-writing, Whooo Cooks For You.

Normal 0 WHOOO COOKS FOR YOU? is a family book on plant-based whole foods consciousness and cooking. The first third is a children’s book, the second third provides recipes for both children and adults, the last third provides explanations for adults of the benefits of a plant-based whole foods diet from three perspectives: nutritional, environmental, and world consciousness.

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