Presently, there is no known factor that can be said that is the basic cause or causes of cancer. There are some facts that have long been held about cancer that has been discovered to be false, but new facts about this deadly have equally emerged. The lists below are however, some of the facts that are widely believed to be the true facts about cancer.

1) Heredity is among the factors that influence the occurrences of cancer in human life. However, the hereditary lines in an individual cannot be used to diagnose a cancer victim. Rather, this makes it difficult if not impossible to actually say what will become of a cancer patient. There has been striking similarity in the development of breast cancers in the life of people of the same family, especially with identical twins.

2) Cancer is not contagious. There is no proven fact that shows that one can contact cancer by taking care of another cancer patient.

3) There is no scientifically proven influence that diet has on the development of any type of cancer. There are people that believe that some diets has some contributing factors towards the development of cancer, but since there is no scientifically proved evidence presently either in support of it or not, there is no basis also to say that such belief is wrong.

4) A repeated injury or a long term irritation has the potential to cause cancer.

5) Cancer sometimes behaves like infections, and certain animal experiments of malignant tumors seemed to stimulate cancer formation.

6) Certain hormones in the body, like the estrogenic hormones of the ovary stimulate the growth of cancer in the body. The implication of this is a suggestion that the existence of unbalanced hormone formation or growth in the body can lead to the development of cancer.

These are the basic facts one should know about cancer. However, we need to know that everyday, discoveries are coming out and new facts are equally coming out, so one should not take the above as the only things or the only facts that is worthy to note about cancer. There are other important things that we need to take note of about this deadly disease called cancer. Let’s discuss some of them as they will equally make some meanings in the topic of our discussion today.

A) One of the recognized causes of the cancer of the lower lip is smoking, especially pipe smoking. Also, it can be said authoritatively that one of the major causes of lung cancer is inhaled cigarette smoke. So if we can do away with this, we are doing a whole lot of good for our health.

B) Cancer of the tongue is mostly preceded by either jagged teeth, rough filling of the teeth or even syphilis of the tongue.

C) Cancer of the skin is not common except when this part of the body comes under undue or severe burns on the skin.

D) Cancer of the mouth is more common with those that chew often or hold objects long in their mouth thereby putting the mouth to undue pressure.

E) Excessive exposure to sunlight and wind can lead to skin cancer.

Cancer used to be classified as a disease that is more prevalent to the women folk, due largely the high incidence of breast cancer and other types of cancer that has to do with the sex organ, but there is a reversal of the trend today. More men suffer cancer these days than women. This is due largely to the increase of lung cancer among men. Avoiding all the causes mentioned above will guarantee 100% prevention of cancer, but will greatly reduce it. This is because there are other factors not mentioned here that can equally lead to cancer development in the body. So we should always be on the look out for any symptom that suggests that there is a development of cancer, then go me medical check and if it is discovered to be cancer and treated early, there will be better chance of success than when it has actually grown very large.

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