My P* Hurts: Prostate Cancer


Men! Beware of prostate cancer especially if you’re at the “golden ages” or even “silver ages” of your life. Prostate cancer is when the male gland called Prostate is enlarged! This is bad because it can lead to discomfort and urinary tract infection.

Men, you better get checked up for prostate cancer. The signs of prostate cancer in men or the prostate problem symptoms are a.) an enlarged prostate b.) crotch discomfort c.) pain while urinating d.) blood in the semen e.) erectile disfunction. If you have any of these, better get checked up! It’s your life your saving! These signs serve two purposes… one, they tell you the truth, second, they are warning signs to do things now!

Supposed you really are positive of prostate cancer. Here are a few frequently asked question on prostate cancer.

Prostate Cancer Questions and Answer

What is it’s most usual symptom? Nighttime urination. There is this urge to urinate at night.

How can a man pee if he has prostate cancer? Well, they pee like any body does, except that they strain a bit. They need to urge.

How does prostate cancer affect a man’s urination? Well, they would feel discomfort. And that they have to increase frequency because of the increased urge!

We wish that nobody reading this would get prostate infection symptoms like the ones mentioned above… But if nature is uncooperative… We can use laser treatment on prostate cancer. It is the best and safest way to make it heal!

Laser Treatment on Prostate Cancer functions by using a tube called endoscope which has a lot of fiber optics in it. This tube is inserted to your prostate then the fiber optics will produce laser that will destroy the cancer tumor.

Another kind of Laser Treatment is Photodynamic Theraphy… wherein the patient is injected with a drug that has photosynthesizing agent… Once that agent enters the system of the person, it is absorbed by all the cells in the body. And those cancer cells will get eradicated!

These are the basics to prostate cancer questions and answer. Try to google up about prostate cancer for more information and more prostate cancer warning signs.

Always remember the golden rule of doctors… prevention is better than cure. Why wait for the worst when you can cure the start. If you have any prostate infection symptoms, don’t wait any longer. To put that in other terms, “To get the enemy, we must attack them, not stay in the defence.”


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