There is quite a bit of information circulating right now to indicate breast cancer may be on the rise. Some argue that there are more cases being diagnosed though because women are doing self exams and doctors know what to watch for. The topic has lead to quite a bit of research over the past couple of years.

Less than 50 years ago only 1 in every 20 women was diagnosed with it. Now the statistics show that 1 in 7 women are diagnosed with it. What many doctors believe though is that in the past we didn’t have the technology or the knowledge so many cases of breast cancer went undiagnosed.

Some of the facts are very interesting. For example it is believed that women that wear bras are more likely to develop breast cancer than those that don’t. This is because women that wear a bra all the time restrict the movement of the breasts. It is believed it is this limited movement that can allow breast cancer to increase. Since many women work long shifts and even sleep in their bras it can increase the risk for them.

There is other research to indicate women that breast feed and that exercise on a regular basis are less likely to develop breast cancer. This is due to the fact that such activities help to stimulate the mammary glands. The fact that more women are in the workforce today than in the past though has lead to many of them passing up breast feeding for very nutritious formulas. It is also no secret that most women don’t get the level of exercise that they should on a regular basis.

It is definitely believed that the increase of free radicals and chemicals in our environment has lead to an increase in breast cancer. While it can be genetic in nature, for many women there is no family history of breast cancer. They are healthy in all other ways and they do eat right as well as exercise. Therefore the theory is that the fall into a category of individuals that are diagnosed with breast cancer due to that is released into their environment.

It may surprise you to find out that many things around us can be linked to causing breast cancer. They include pesticides and herbicides that are often used to promote the growth of the foods we consume. It is believed that some ingredients in cosmetics, anti aging creams, and even weight loss products can result in breast cancer developing. Since so many women continue to use such products that certainly is believed to be part of the reason why breast cancer is increasing.

While there is still more research that has to be conducted, there certainly are plenty of indicators that show breast cancer is on the increase. It is important to take note of the reasons behind this so that women can strive to reduce their own risks.

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