How to attract a cancer man Sexually

Attract a Cancer man tips

When you are looking for the perfect man, a Cancer man might be a good choice for you. These men show a lot of tenderness and affection with the person that they love. They adore being romantic, and they give a relationship their all without a second thought. When in love, the Cancer man is passionate, yet innocent, and is always sincere. Cancer men are very thoughtful with their lovers, and always are tactful and discrete. A Cancer man is a great family man and considers family to be one of the most important things in his life. He is very understanding of children and women. He is extremely sensitive, and sees the ones he loves as a refuge from the world around him.

If your objective is sex then think before you approach cancer men, they normally take commitment more seriously.

So don’t expect one night stands from cancer men.

There are some bad traits you have to know about a Cancer and be able to accept before you can love him. Cancer men are very emotional and need constant reassurance. He will always fear that you are going to abandon him, and every day, you will have to assure him that you love him.

Cancer men have a lot of anxieties and are prone to wanting to fight.

He fights with you because he needs to know you won’t leave him, and he doesn’t realize he’s doing it.

However, Cancer men sometimes will use emotional blackmail to get what they want.

If you can put up with his odd tantrums and need for constant reassurance, the Cancer man may be perfect for you. To catch his attention, be willing to be there for him.

You will have to earn his respect in order for him to love you. Another thing is that you can’t be too silly. While Cancers do like to have fun, they don’t like a lot of silliness. Many Cancers are very cynical, and it will take time to convince them you want to be with them.

Get to know them and what they don’t like; surprisingly, you might not like the same things and that will help them like you more. Lastly, be understanding of their mood swings and have patience.

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