About half a million people die of cancer each year in the United States. There are about 200 versions of this dreadful disease based on the part of the body affected. A person’s diet, lifestyle and exposure to specific pollutants are the major factors that determine his risk of developing this dreaded condition. As is widely known, the use of tobacco can greatly increase the chances of developing cancer. In fact, medical studies have proved that even passive smokers face a high risk of suffering from smoking-related conditions.

Food is another major factor that determines the health of your body and the possibility of developing cancer. In various studies, nutritionists have proved that consuming ample servings of fruits and vegetables can actually help reduce the risk of developing cancers by half no matter how old the person is. Reducing the amount of concentrated fats also helps cut down the risk of developing cancerous cells in the body. This is exactly why it is a good idea to completely avoid junk food that contains high amounts of concentrated fats. In addition to its famous benefits, Omega-3 fats are also believed to be highly effective in lowering and completely preventing the possibility of developing cancer. The fatty acids found exclusively in fish have been noted to eliminate the risk of colon cancer.

Common Kinds Of Cancers

Now let us look at the most common kinds of this dreaded condition:

* Cancers Of The Breast

Cancers of the breast are the most common type of this disease that affects women around the world. However, women today have methods to detect this condition at an early stage. They simply have to undergo a yearly mammogram to detect signs of the disease. The mammogram now allows women to detect the signs of cancer earlier than they could in the past. This test is usually done by noting changes in the breast tissue structure and assessing lumps in the breasts. Such cancers are treated based on how far it has spread. Treatments include radiation therapy, chemotherapy and hormonal therapy.

* Cancers Of The Colon And Rectum

The large intestine is made of the colon and the rectum. This system is said to be cancerous when tumors develop along the interior wall of the large intestine. In some cases, cancerous cells may severely damage nearby tissues or organs such as the liver or the lungs. If cancer of the colon or rectum spreads to other organs, it will be almost impossible for the victim to make a complete recovery. Cancers of this kind are especially common in countries that adopt a Western diet consisting of prepackaged and processed food.

* Cancers Of The Lung

This is among the most deadly and uncontrollable kinds of cancers. This form of the disease also quickly spreads and infects other parts of the body like the brain and the liver. The lung may also develop tumors due to cancerous cells that originate from other body parts. This is exactly why it is important to treat lung cancer at a very early stage.

Hopefully, medical science will continue to discover newer and better ways of detecting and treating all these kinds of cancerous conditions.

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