There are numerous holistic sources that claim to be healing cancer with varying degrees of success. A few of these report success greater than 90 percent of the time. I have spent years researching and finding the best information available, and have compiled a list of the most important considerations relevant to cancer. I present here a distillation of these factors, as well as a brief exploration of some approaches that would be more likely to fail so these can be avoided.

This article will cover four basic areas:

? How and Why the FDA has Failed Us.
? Holistic Options that Fall Short.
? Comprehensive Holistic Treatments.
? A Note on Allopathic Cancer Treatments.

How and Why the FDA has Failed Us:

If cancer can be treated so effectively using holistic means, then why isn’t the allopathic medical establishment using such methods and showing greater success?

As many of us know, the EPA and the FDA have failed us when it comes to cancer. It’s no wonder that one out of three people are expected to get cancer some time in their lifetimes. Such an outrageous statistic is only possibly due to gross levels of corruption in our government.

It is now common practice for pharmaceutical industry executives to gain top posts in the FDA where they are then able to make critical decisions affecting the industry that they are charged with regulating. Then, a couple years down the road, they are offered high-paying positions back in the same industry that they just helped through their post at FDA. The implications of this blatant conflict of interest are obvious. One example of many is that of Michael Taylor who had been a Monsanto attorney before going to work for the FDA. During his time at FDA, he contributed to creating a new FDA policy that deemed genetically modified foods as “generally regarded as safe”, or GRAS. He also wrote the policy exempting biotech foods from labeling. Following his time at FDA, he went back to work for Monsanto – no doubt in a very lucrative position. Searching Google on “FDA revolving door” (without the quotes) turns up 28,900 results.

Consider: We know that money corrupts and that people will do outrageous things for money and power. These things go without saying. With all their science and research:

? Why don’t doctors tell their patients about how cancer loves an acid environment and cannot survive in an alkaline environment? Why don’t doctors tell patients to stay away from acid-producing foods and focus on alkali-producing foods? Why not give people lists of these foods?

? With all of the science and research, why don’t they tell people that cancer loves sugar?

? Why don’t they tell people that cancer thrives in oxygen-deprived cells? Why don’t their protocols work more with oxygenating the cells and blood?

? Why don’t they tell you which vitamins and supplements inhibit cancerous growth?

Just imagine, for a moment, if a cure was found. Imagine the possibility that there are currently very effective holistic treatments. If they came into wide usage, imagine:

? All the research grants that would go out the window.

? Think about all the expensive diagnostic and treatment equipment in doctor’s offices and hospitals that would be rendered useless.

? The loss of revenue to doctors and researchers who use such equipment, and the manufacturers and sales people who sell them.

? The many expensive surgeries that would end.

? The sales of many life-long prescription pharmaceutical drugs would end.

How much money are we talking about? Treatment for one person will typically cost between $80,000 to $160,000. The medical industry represents one-seventh of the total United States Gross National Product at one trillion dollars per year with revenues associated with cancer reaching $400 billion annually. Is it any wonder that holistic options are off the table? The cancer industry cannot make a dime off of broccoli and carrots and vitamins and healthy people. A healthy person is lost profit.

“But nobody today can say that one does not know what cancer and its prime cause be. On the contrary, there is no disease whose prime cause is better known, so that today ignorance is no longer an excuse that one cannot do more about prevention.”

– Nobel Prize Winner Otto Warburg in a meeting of Nobel Laureates, June 30, 1966

Holistic Options That Fall Short:

There have been a number of books that suggest that the cure for cancer is one key factor, such as using specific nutritional supplements effective against cancer or an herbal cure for cancer. Using only herbs to cure cancer may not be the right answer for the same reason that I would not limit my own treatment to a single homeopathic option. The reason is simple. Alternative cancer remedies typically only give you part of the picture and fail to address the underlying causes of cancer.

Regardless of whether one is talking about stage three breast cancer, lung cancer, or prostate cancer, an herbal remedy or a homeopathic cure for cancer may do precious little to shift the pH (i.e. the alkalinity) of the body, and precious little to eliminate the toxins accumulated in the body that gave rise to the cancer in the first place. Further, if you kill the cancer cells, but you are still eating a diet consisting primarily of acid-producing foods, and you do not cleanse the body of accumulated toxins, then your cancer is likely to come back again.

Comprehensive Holistic Treatments:

To be most successful, any cancer remedy must address the underlying causes of cancer. Holistic Cancer Cures can be highly successful – given that one follows a protocol with a proven track record of success.

There are a wide array of factors that support or promote cancer that should be avoided. Nothing here should be ignored. A few are obvious, but several are unknown by most people. Knowledge is indeed power. So read this with an open mind and get ready to reclaim your health.

The best holistic cancer treatments should include three primary and essential considerations:

1) Cancer thrives in an acid environment in the body and for the most part cannot survive in an alkalized body. So an alternative treatment for cancer must inform you fully on acid-producing foods and alkaline producing foods so the pH of the body can be shifted away from acid and toward a healthy alkaline state. And this is easy to do because there are many lists of acid versus alkaline producing foods to be found on the internet.

But again, that’s only part of the story. Consider – if the body is full of toxins – many of which are acid-based, then it may not be possible to alkalize the body sufficiently without also addressing the next two steps:

2) Any holistic cancer treatment worth its salt will inform you of the many sources of toxins in our food and water, and how to best avoid them. And this brings us to the third element of your journey to healing cancer.

3) Treating cancer must address how to cleanse the body through use of a variety of detoxification products to eliminate accumulated toxins.

So again, natural cures for cancer are incomplete without these three elements. But with them, it can truly be said that healing cancer with a holistic approach is typically successful. This includes even advanced cancers, depending on, for instance, the degree of damage to vital organs and the person’s age.

On my website, I offer a document that provides details on the above three factors, as well as:

? A link to the best cancer diet to follow, which will, for example, discuss foods that are high in fungus and molds, foods that are genetically modified

, which cooking oils to use, and much more.

? A list of supplements that are effective against cancer.

? A link to the best alternative cancer treatment website where you’ll find well more than 200 specific alternative cancer protocols that have a proven track record against many, many forms of cancer. This website will give you detailed information on things like contraindications, other relevant safety information, and much more.

? Details on approximately twenty of the most common and impactful sources of toxins in our society, as well as specific research and links for each to help you understand why you need to stay clear of them. Toxins can come from unexpected sources. Examples include non-stick cookware such as Teflon; plastics in touch with foods and drinks; microwave ovens, which transform foods in dangerous ways; municipal water which typically contains chlorine and fluorosilic acid – a highly toxic industrial waste product passed off as fluoride to help children’s teeth; genetically modified foods; common artificial sweeteners that turn into formaldehyde in the body; MSG, which is now in abundant supply in fast foods and hidden by using more than 15 different names; and even plastic shower curtains which outgas a huge amount of toxins.

? Information on the best products and means that I’ve been able to find over the years to help you limit your exposure to these dangers.

A Note on Allopathic Cancer Treatments:

People would do well to remember what the cancer establishment refers to as ‘terminal’. In my opinion it typically means that in their paradigm, they have no good answers for you. This document, with its sources, has much better answers – ones that won’t bankrupt you.

The FDA likes to restrict the use of the words “cure” and “heal”. Now, if what is happening is that people’s cancers are going away and these patients are finding health and vitality – then perhaps to call it anything other than a healing would be inaccurate. Cancer patients are using holistic approaches and finding health. That’s a reality. The sources sighted in the document available for download on my website speak for themselves.

I speak to you as one person to another. It’s up to you to look at the evidence here and on my website as well as that presented by your doctor to make up your own mind for what is right for you. This is your opportunity to take responsibility for your own health.

I am convinced that the holistic approach is much more effective than the toxins of chemotherapy, radiation, pharmaceuticals, and toxic and acidic food being promoted by the mainstream allopathic path. It is my understanding that the holistic path, using specific protocols, achieves healings above 90 percent where the allopathic world knows something closer to 30 percent. That’s a guess, for now. So if you want one-third the chance of healing and a path that bankrupts you and leaves you sicker by the month – go allopathic. If you want three times those odds and a path that strengthens you each step of the way, then go with this document. One other important consideration – the allopathic path does nothing to address the underlying causes of cancer in the first place. As a result – if you continue eating the same foods and exposing yourself to the same toxins, your cancer is likely to come back again a few years down the road.

DISCLAIMER – The information in this article is provided for educational and informational purposes only. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The author is not a doctor and is not attempting to recommend, prescribe, treat, cure, mitigate, or prevent any disease and in no way is the information contained in this document intended to be a substitute for a health care provider’s consultation. The content is based upon research by the author. The reader is encouraged to make their own health care decisions that can be based upon their own research and then partnering with their own health care professional. If you are ill please consult a qualified physician or appropriate health care provider.

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