When one is first diagnosed with cancer one is shocked, frightened and confused and will believe any of the facts your health professional tells you. They are very likely to say that you need urgent treatment and without it you may die, and because of the complete trust we have in our health system we believe them.


Let me give you a few facts that are well know about cancer and its treatments.


*      The causes of cancer are well known but it’s highly likely it’s not by the first person you turn to for help to overcome the problem.


*      The cancer industry is big and powerful and it is not controlled by your doctor or oncologist.


*      They have only has 3 methods of treating cancer, surgery, radiation and chemotherapy and is not allowed to use or recommend anything else. That’s the law.


*      Those 3 methods of treatment only shrinks cancer, they don’t remove it entirely.


*      All of those treatments only treat the growths, which are a symptom of a problem, not the underlying cause or why the cancer first grew. (That’s why the cancer returns.)


*      The most common cancers are as resistant to treatments today as they were 40 to 50 years ago.


*      Nobody has ever died of primary cancer, its secondary cancer (cancer that has shifted) that kills.


*      If you survive 5 years from being first diagnosed you are statistically a survivor.


*      Cancer survival rates are much lower than you may be told as statistics include easy curing cancers like DCIS and most skin cancers which seldom develop into terminal cancer. (DCIS is a mild form of breast cancer.)


*      Radiation and chemotherapy temporarily destroys the immune system and that’s the opposite of what needs to happen.


*      Cancer can at a later stage redevelop, being the direct result of earlier radiation or chemotherapy treatments. They are carcinogenic. (cancer causing)


*      There is a cure for cancer, even terminal cancer and that is using the natural self-healing powers of the human body, that everybody has, and by removing the known causes. (facts that are also well known)


*      Despite what your doctor says, most alternative treatments are actively suppressed as they interfere with the profit making ability of our current treatments.


All cancers have basically the same causes and it’s our modern way of living that is at fault with our high consumption of processed foods, and our lack of freshly grown foods. It’s a disease of the immune system or more correctly a disease of a weak immune system that has been weakened by our wrong food choices, our lack of exercise and the toxic products we use everyday.


Cancer can be easily overcome by changing the way we live and correcting those factors which will boost the immune system and it’s the strong immune system that will safely remove the cancer. Cancer is essentially a self healing disease; you need to take charge of your cancer, as no one can do it for you. Appropriate diet and lifestyle changes are your first line of defence


A true cure for cancer will only be achieved when a patient stimulates their own body’s defence system. (The immune system)


Alan Wighton is an independent health researcher, having spent many years gaining knowledge, particularly regarding cancer. If you want information on better, more effective ways to treat cancer, visit Cancer Facts & Information where you can download a free article which has been written to help people overcome their problem with cancer.

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