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Cervical Cancer Causes


Cervical cancer begins with abnormal changes in the cervical tissue. The risk of developing these abnormal changes has been associated with certain factors, including previous infection with human papillomavirus (HPV), early sexual contact, multiple sexual partners, cigarette smoking, and taking oral contraceptives (birth control pills).


Forms of HPV, a virus whose different types cause skin warts, genital warts, and other abnormal skin and body surface disorders, have been shown to lead to many of the changes in cervical cells that may eventually lead to cancer.


Genetic material that comes from certain forms of HPV has been found in cervical tissues that show cancerous or precancerous changes.


In addition, women who have been diagnosed with HPV are more likely to develop a cervical cancer that has genetic material matching the strain of virus that caused the infection.


These findings demonstrate a strong link between the virus and cervical cancer.


Because HPV can be transmitted by sexual contact, early sexual contact and having multiple sexual partners have been identified as strong risk factors for the development of cervical lesions that may progress to cancer.


Cigarette smoking is another risk factor for the development of cervical cancer. The chemicals in cigarette smoke interact with the cells of the cervix, causing precancerous changes that may over time progress to cancer.


Oral contraceptives (“the pill”) may increase the risk for cervical cancer, especially in women who use oral contraceptives for longer than 5 years.


Cervical Cancer Treatment


Treatment of cervical cancer is directed at preventing precancerous cells from becoming cancerous cells.

This is usually a step-by-step process, involving the removal of cells or tissue to diagnose cancer and to find out how far it has invaded.
If the deepest cells removed by biopsy were normal, no further treatment may be needed.
If the deepest cells removed by biopsy were cancerous or precancerous, this means the cancer has invaded farther than the biopsy. In these cases, treatment generally starts with removal of additional tissues. As these tissues are removed, they are checked for dysplastic change to be sure all the precancerous or cancerous cells have been removed from the body or are otherwise destroyed.


India the home of tradition has now named as a developing country. New innovations are implemented in various fields. Medical advancement in India has developed so vast that attracts even the abroad patients for health in India. Cervical cancer surgery in India has got the name of best performance and India so called a right destination for cervical cancer surgery. Cervical cancer is one of the life threatening diseases that kill the person livingly. The study of cancer is called Oncology derived from the Greek word called study of mass or tumor. Cervical cancer is a preventable and curable disease if detected earlier.

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