Cancer Can Be Cured ?? Natural Herbal Remedies

Although we know more about cancer today it is still literally a growing concern. Most people have a family member or know someone who suffers from cancer. Many people have died. Death tolls and suffering are alarming. Having said that, there are many ways we are able to prevent and protect ourselves from contracting Cancer.

The causes are many and largely unknown. It is difficult to predict both onset and final outcome. However, in spite of all the doom and gloom, many people myself included; do recover fully cured of terminal cancer. It is not the death sentence it once was. Simply put, cancer is invasive and there are natural, powerful, preventions and cures.

By way of explanation; cancer cells are abnormal and are called free radicals. Free radicals attack healthy cells, divide and continue to spread throughout the body. Malignant cancers are life threatening and terminal. Benign cancers tend to be less invasive and not life threatening. They can however, become malignant in some rare cases. No one is safe from cancer. It affects people of all ages, young and aged. The elderly are most at risk given their frailty.

Cancer has been linked to Carcinogens. Through toxic poisons introduced into the body, or contact made with infectious agents. Smoking is a direct cause. Over 4,000 carcinogens and poisons have been identified in tobacco. These include Formaldehyde, Cyanide, tar, nicotine and many other poisons. Contact with Radiation, Asbestos, Motor oil, other chemicals and agents are also main causes. Many causes of Cancer remain undetected and unknown.

Cancer also has the ability to alter genetic blueprints. Indeed it is hereditary in some people. Therefore, some are more susceptible to Cancer than others, through exposure to toxic elements and/or genetic reproduction.

Ongoing Research has taught us much about Cancer. We are therefore better equipped to deal with both prevention and cure. A complete cure-all is still some ways off, given the complexity of the disease. Lack of data is also a barrier.

Diet is vital. Food intake serves as a major cause of Cancer. Food products are known to include minute traces of poisons introduced in the manufacturing process. Chemicals, additives and preservatives are also a high risk factor. Regular food intake has therefore a cumulative effect. This increases the amount of poisons found in the system.

High amounts of toxins and chemicals introduced in this manner, cause severe illness and mortality rates. Other harmful factors in diet are overtly high amounts of saturated fats and extreme bad Cholesterol levels. Very high sodium levels through salt intake are also contributing factors. Although not conclusive, causes are linked to high instances of prostrate cancer in males.

Smoking cessation and limiting the amounts of additives, preservatives and toxicity in the body, prevent and cure cancer. As is complete abstinence from manufactured and processed food. Fresh green vegetables, plants, fruits and juices are high in anti-oxidants that both prevent and cure cancer.

Again diet is vital. Green foods produce antioxidants that attack and replace free radical cells in the body. Free radical cells are morphed into healthy cells through the aggressive work of antioxidants. Asparagus, Kale and Spinach are examples high in antioxidants. Organic foods are best. Noni juice, Goju and Xango juices are also very high in antioxidants.


All prevent and cure Cancer. In my case the abstinence of poisons and chemicals and the introduction of all organic foods, fruits, juices, and herbal medicines have restored me to full health. I have experienced a miraculous cure from Cancer and certain death. I know many other people who also have been spared certain death from Cancer by these methods.

Cancer can affect anyone. The good news is; life expectancy for cancer victims has increased. Mortality rates are decreasing markedly. Many Cancers can be cured. Simply put, Herbal and natural cures together with organic diets rich in antioxidants reduce, prevent and cure Cancer. In addition, complete abstinence from ingesting toxic poisons into the body, prevent and cure most Cancers. I have heard many people say; they do not like to eat vegetables and certain foods. This begs the question: what are you prepared to do to live.


Do not be limited by your own negativity. Find the things you do like. All that is needed is to take action.


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