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Breast tissues are made up of lobules and ducts and the cancer of breast occurs in the body when a cell gets divided by itself and starts growing in an unusual manner. The disease is also known as carcinoma and it has several types – the cancer that originated from ducts is called as ductal carcinoma and the problem that arises from the lobules is known as lobular carcinoma. That is why; it is must that the doctor diagnosed the issue properly that they may be able to find the right place of origin of the issue. In this way, they will come to know that what kind of breast cancer is affecting the patient and thereby, they will give the right treatment. To get the best treatment, it is must to reach to the best breast cancer hospital in India where there is sufficient number of doctors present and all of them are highly educated from the top universities of the world.

All About Breast Cancer

How Common is Breast Cancer Disease?

The disease i.e. breast cancer is the most common disease in the entire world and that is the reason, most of us take it very seriously. More than 1 lakh new cases are being diagnosed by the experts every year and the disease has overtaken the cervical cancer and it becomes the most common kind of cancer that creates problem for the women in India. Among all the cancer types, the chance of breast cancer is 16 percent. Over 18.2 percent deaths are occurred due to the disease and that is why, it is considered as a very serious disease. The rates of the breast cancer are much higher in the developed countries as compare to the developing nations.

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Symptoms of Breast Cancer

A symptoms can be felt by the sick person and then it is described in front of the doctor but the sign is the something that can be seen by the patient and any other person as well for example a swelling or a rash. The first symptom of the breast cancer in the woman’s body is thickening of a tissue or a lump. Occurrence of a lump does not ensure that a woman is suffering from cancer but it will be a wise decision to meet the doctor as soon as possible.

In case, you see or feel any of the following signs or symptoms, it is advised to meet the doctor on immediate basis.

  • Skin of nipple has started to flake, scale or peel
  • Shape or size of the breast seems to change
  • Appearance of the nipple changes suddenly, it can inverted or sunken
  • Any one of the nipple discharges fluid and sometimes, it can be blood as well
  • Thickened tissue in women breast
  • Swelling in any of the armpit
  • Rashes around the nipples
  • Redness in the skin of breast just like skin of orange
  • Pain in armpit or breast that is not related to the pain occurs during the menstrual period
  • Lump in woman breast.

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Causes of Breast Cancer

Professionals are very sure that what the reasons is that develop the breast cancer and why one woman is suffering from the issue while other does not. In many top colleges or universities, research is being taken place but till now, they do not get the success. Yet, there are some of the factors that impact on the likelihood of originating breast cancer in the human body. Have a deeper insight about these factors:

  • Age factor – the chances are getting higher for the development of breast cancer with the age. It is found that over 80 percent of women are more than 50 years of age who are suffering from the disease.
  • Genetics – lady whose close relative has ovarian or breast cancer is more likely to suffer from the problem. This is the reason, if you know that there is your close relative who has this issue then just be alert. Whenever you find any of the signs or symptoms in your body then react at the same instant and reach to the nearest cancer hospital and tell the entire issue properly so that the doctor may be able to give the perfect cure.

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  • History of the disease – a lady who has occurred breast cancer in the body is more likely to suffer from the same problem again as compared to the lady who has not history of the breast cancer.
  • Breast lumps – a woman who has certain types of lumps in her breast whether they are completely non cancerous, has more chance to develop the breast cancer later on.
  • Other causes – dense breast tissue, estrogen exposure, obesity, height, alcohol consumption, radiation exposure, hormone replacement therapy, cosmetic implants etc. are some of the other reasons that may lead a lady to the breast cancer.

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Treatment to Resolve the Problem

When a patient will reach to the best breast cancer hospital in India then they will assess several factors before deciding on the finest cure that encompass kind of cancer, age, health, patient’s preference, stage for the disease etc. After assessing all these factors, the doctors decide to start the treatment. Many treatments options are available for the surgeon, which includes surgery, radiation therapy, biological therapy, hormone therapy, chemotherapy and many more. Let us discuss about some of these therapies so that we may come to know their advantage.

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Breast Cancer Surgery

There are several types of surgery that includes

  • Lumpectomy – removing the tumor with the help of surgery and some healthy tissues are also removed during the cure. The treatments process is, too, called breast sparing surgery. It is used when the size of the tumor is quite small and the doctors are sure that it can be easily separated from the tissues.
  • Mastectomy – during the cure, the breast is removed by the specialists with the aid of the surgery. It involves removing the ducts, some skin, areola, nipple, fatty acids and lobules.
  • Sentinel Node Biopsy – a lymph node is removed surgically. The reason, in case that the cancer will reach to the lymph node, it will harm the entire body.
  • Axillary Lymph Node Dissection – In case, sentinel nodes have cancer cells then the surgeons removes several lymph nodes in armpit.
  • Breast Reconstruction Surgery – several surgeries are performed by the doctors to reconstruct the breast so that it may look alike the other breast. To complete the process successfully, the doctors use the tissue from other part of the body and then do implantation.

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Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy, also known as radiotherapy and during the process, controlled doses of radiation is given to the sick person so that the cells are destroyed. Normally, the therapy is done after the surgery by the doctors and is occurs after a month of chemotherapy or surgery. Duration of each session is only few minutes and the patient needs three to five sessions in every week for two to seven weeks. There are several types of radiation therapy and the type of breast cancer will decide that, which kind of radiotherapy will be used to cure the patient. The types include breast brachytherapy, lymph nodes radiation therapy, breast boost, chest wall radiation therapy and breast radiation therapy.

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Medicines are used to kill cells of breast cancer and the used medications are called cytotoxic drugs. The treatment process is preferred when the oncologist feels that there is a high risk of recurrence of developing the cancer cells in breast and other parts of the body. Chemotherapy is administered before surgery in case the tumor is quite big. It is performed to decrease the size of the tumor and thus, the removal of the tumor becomes easier.

Hormone Therapy

This particular therapy is used for the breast cancers that are sensitive to hormones. Therapy is used to prevent the recurrence of breast cancer and is done after the surgery but in some cases, it is done by the adepts to shrink the tumor and in this way, the removal will become easier. In case, due to the health related reasons, a patient cannot go through the surgery then the options left for the doctors are chemotherapy, radiation therapy and hormone therapy as well. It lasts up to five long years from the day when the surgery is performed.

Biological Treatment of Breast Cancer

Types of the treatment are

  • Trastuzumab – this is a monoclonal antibody that targets as well as destroys cells of cancer, which are HER 2 positive. Some of the cells of cancer generate big quantity of HER2 and the Trastuzumab or Herceptin works to target protein. Some of the possible side effects are heart damage, headaches and skin rashes.
  • Lapatinib – it targets HER2 protein and utilized for curing the advanced metastatic breast cancer as well. Lepatinib or Tykerb is used on the sick persons that are unaffected by the use of Trastuzumab or Herceptin. Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, extreme tiredness, mouth sores, skin rashes, painful feet, painful hands are some of the side effects of using the drug.
  • Bevacizumab – it stops the cells from attracting new vessels of blood and tries to cause the tumor to get starved of oxygen and other essential nutrients. It shows several side effects that include mouth sores, blood clots, heart damage, kidney damage, high blood pressure or hypertension, congestive heart failure etc. it is not approved by some of the agencies but the doctors may prescribe it to the sick person. Actually, using the medicine is controversial and in the year 2011, one of the governments agency said that using the medicines is neither safe nor beneficial for the patient of the breast cancer. Some of the researchers found that it gives a mild benefit to the patient whose problem has reached to the advanced level. Plus, they said that there is no raise in the rate of survival of a woman when the medicine is taken.
  • Low Dose Aspirin – It is found that intake of low doses of Aspirin stops the growth and spread of cells of cancer throughout the body. Using the medicine for a long time will affect two types of cancer.

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How to Prevent Breast Cancer?

By adopting some particular lifestyles, one can prevent the development of breast cancer cells in body.

  • Alcohol consumption – ladies who takes less amount of alcohol or do not take it at all have less probability to suffer from the breast cancer as compared to the women who drink alcohol every day in large quantity.

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  • Physical exercise – with the help of physical exercise on regular basis will reduce the chances of generation of breast cancer cells inside the body. No matter that is mild or intense, it will be beneficial for the lady.
  • Diet – following a healthy diet will give huge benefit to a lady and that is why, it is advised by most of the breast cancer specialist to have a good diet. Fish oil can be beneficial to stay away from such issues.
  • Bodyweight – it is researched by the scientists that the women who have less weight have less possibility to face the breast cancer related issues.
  • Breastfeeding – a lady who breastfeeds her baby reduces to chances of suffering from such a serious disease and that is why, it is highly recommended by the doctor to do so as it is beneficial for the woman as well as her baby.

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