India is all set to provide bone cancer surgery at low cost with highly trained doctors to appeal to the medical tourists. It has a large pool of professionally qualified doctors, nurses and paramedics. The world-class facilities and infrastructure is further supported by low cost airfare and other facilities related to their stay in India. The ever-growing pharmaceutical industry aptly complements the healthcare sector in servicing the global clients. Hi-tech and cost-effective medical services and the state-of-the-art corporate hospitals offering them are best supported by alternative medical treatment facilities thriving in leaps and bounds in the country. Many people come to India for bone cancer surgery or the rejuvenation promised by yoga and Ayurveda.

Bone cancer & its types:

Primary bone cancer
Secondary bone cancer

Primary bone cancer refers to cancers which start in the bone. These are different to secondary bone cancers which started in other parts of the body and later spread to the bones. Bone cancers are tumours which have the potential to spread to other parts of the body. These are different to benign (non-cancerous) bone tumours which do not spread. Benign bone tumours are more common than malignant (cancerous) bone tumours.

Secondary bone cancer is where malignant cells have spread to the bones from other parts of the body. This is different to cancer that actually started in the bones (primary bone cancer). Virtually all types of cancer can spread to bone. Bone metastases are particularly common in people with breast, lung or prostate cancer. Bone metastases are usually multiple, they cause pain and can can lead to other symptoms such as hypercalcemia (abnormally high levels of calcium in the blood )

What is the treatment for bone cancer ?

Treatment will depend on the type of cancer, whether it has spread or not , and the size and location of the main (primary) tumour. Treatment of bone cancers is complex and involves a team of different specialists usually within an institution that is experienced in treating these types of cancers. There are 3 main types of therapy used to treat bone cancers;
surgery (to take out the tumour in an operation)
radiotherapy (using high-dose x-rays to kill cancer cells)
chemotherapy (using drugs to kill cancer cells)
Surgery is often used to remove the primary tumour. For tumours of the arms and legs an amputation of the limb is sometimes necessary, however, limb-sparing surgery may be possible in many cases where only the cancerous part of the bone is removed and it is replaced by a bone graft or metal prosthesis. Radiotherapy may be given as well as or instead of surgery to destroy the cancer cells. Also, chemotherapy (drugs) may also be given to kill malignant cells that may be circulating around the body.

The cost for the surgery depends on the surgeon. Oftentimes, patients choose their surgeon on the basis of price. The cost of bone cancer surgery in India is very affordable and is much lower when compared to the United States, UK and other countries.
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