Cancer is a reaction to something that the body finds foreign. It is a RESULT of something, usually a chemical, toxin or even a viral invader that secretes toxins that your body eventually becomes overwhelmed by. There are may instances where we can point to an event and identify it as a cause of the cancer. If you look at Chernobyl or Hiroshima you can clearly see how the occurrences of cancer went through the roof as a result of an EXPOSURE to a toxic substance.

What I find fascinating though is that some people living in those areas didn’t get cancer.

Consider all of the people world wide who smoke tobacco. We know that inhaling toxins and tars from cigarettes, cigars and pipes causes an increase in lung, throat, mouth and tongue cancers, as well as some other internal cancers. It is also true, however, that many people who smoke do not succumb to cancer.

There are people in the world who, as a result of exposure to asbestos, have been overtaken by a rare form of lung cancer called mesothelioma, and yet we know without a doubt that exposure only increases your chances, and that some people who have the same exposure NEVER get mesothelioma at all.

I could list numerous examples where some people develop cancer and others do not. While we don’t know exactly why, we do know that some of us have the ability to fight off diseases including cancer.

If we can agree that cancers, at least some if not all of them, are caused by an exposure to toxins (chemicals, metals, or other substances that are not normal for our body’s immune system) then it would follow that by eliminating exposure to that toxin you could prevent the cancer. The problem is, most people who find “Cancer Can Be Beaten” already have breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer, bowel cancer or some other cancer in their body. It’s too late for prevention. You want to BEAT CANCER NOW.

What if I told you I’ve found a way to….

Eliminate The Toxins That Caused the Cancer.

It’s not a pill, a capsule, a powder or a cream. It’s not a patch, a soak or a juice. It’s something you can put in your water and drink 4 times a day, and it will virtually eliminate ALL heavy metals, chemicals, nitrosamines, viral particles and a lot more, with no side effects. When you remove all the toxic waste that is bogging your body down, and clogging your system, all of a sudden your body starts working better. You have more energy, you sleep better, and your immune system gets to work beating those tumor cells back attacking your cancer.

In fact, the evidence regarding this natural cancer fighter is so strong (and so requested) that the famous Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center now has a page regarding this supplement… here is an excerpt from their page.

A few in vitro studies indicate that XXXXX inhibited protein kinase B; and induced expression of tumor suppressor proteins. In animal studies, XXXXX product was shown to reduce metastasis and increase the effect of doxorubicin due to its antioxidant property

You will be able to read more about this important supplement in the ebook “Cancer Can Be Beaten”.

Once you have the toxins removed with the important supplement mentioned above, the next step is to boost your immune function. Your body is very capable of fighting off this attack on it’s own. Your immune system was designed to do this job, and in fact cancer cells begin every day and are hastily removed by your natural killer cells. The fact that the cancer has been allowed to grow large enough to be detected means that your immune system has been a bit overwhelmed lately. Sometimes it is enough to just remove the chemicals and let the immune system recover, but sometimes the tumor cells have been gaining strength and speed. It’s time for you to help your immune system out if you want to beat cancer for good.

A general immune system booster is not necessarily the answer for you in this case. You need to boost the Natural Killer Cells.

Natural Killer (NK) cells are yet another type of lethal lymphocyte. Like cytotoxic T cells, they contain granules filled with potent chemicals. They are called “natural” killers because they, unlike cytotoxic T cells, do not need to recognize a specific antigen before swinging into action. They target tumor cells and protect against a wide variety of infectious microbes. In several immunodeficiency diseases, including AIDS, natural killer cell function is abnormal. Natural killer cells may also contribute to immunoregulation by secreting high levels of influential lymphokines.

Both cytotoxic T cells and natural killer cells kill on contact. The killer binds to its target, aims its weapons, and then delivers a lethal burst of chemicals that produces holes in the target cell’s membrane. Fluids seep in and leak out, and the cell bursts. source- Immune Central

What if I told you I have found an all natural organic and pure product that will….

Increase the Numbers and Aggressiveness of the Natural Killer Cells

Is that something that you could get excited about? These natural killer cells are a part of your own body’s defense system, that attach themselves to cancer cells, inject a potent toxic chemical mix into the invading cancer cell and cause it to burst. You need a product that is will give these cells the strength they need and you need more of them.

I’ve found something that is 10 times stronger than anything you may be able to find to beat cancer, and I am going to tell you more about it. You will be able to read more about this important Natural Killer Cell Boosting supplement in the ebook “Cancer Can Be Beaten”.

To beat cancer effectively though, you need all of the help you can get. Much of that help is found in a cancer diet rich in foods that kill cancer cells, and proper drinking water to adequately hydrate your body. A cancer diet that is rich in cancer fighting compounds and nutrients is crucial. Would you be excited if I told you that I know…

That’s right. Nature has provided us with everything we need to stay healthy including foods that have the ability to kill cancer cells. Many people, when they get sick, are looking for a cancer diet that they can eat every day that will increase their odds of beating cancer, but also provide them with the nourishment and energy they need for this battle of their lives. I have outlined such a “Cancer Diet” for you in the ebook “Cancer Can Be Beaten”.

Aside from a general diet though, did you know that there are certain foods that have cancer fighting compounds in them naturally? These foods have been demonstrated in the lab, in animals and in humans to actually kill cancer or stop tumor growth. These foods are common enough that you can buy them inexpensively at your local grocery store year round. There is a strong possibility that you even have a few of them right in your refrigerator right now.

My next question is …

Are You Drinking REAL Water?

Now most people know by now how important alkalinity of the body is for health. Did you know, however, that cancer cells can not thrive in an alkaline environment? In the ebook “Cancer Can Be Beaten”, I will share with you how to increase the pH of your body fluids ever so slightly. This will give you the added boost that you need to Beat Cancer. This strategy will involve Drinking A SPECIAL water that will help to change your pH to a bit more alkaline. This special water costs pennies a day ( a month’s supply costs less than a meal for one at a good restaurant) This particular supplement is one almost no one even knows about yet. You’ll be one of the first.

The message in the ebook is clear. There are no miracle cures, but you absolutely CAN BEAT CANCER/a> with these ‘based on science’ cancer beating strategies.

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