breast lump and Benign Breast Cancer

Women’s breasts are constantly going through change, from the time of their development, through pregnancy and the menopause. This is because of the varying levels of the female hormones oestrogen and progesterone in your body. Many breast changes will be diagnosed as being a benign breast condition that may or may not need treatment. Men can also develop benign breast conditions and the most common benign condition in men is gynaecomastia. For more information please read on the different kinds of benign breast conditions given in the article below.

There are many causes of benign breast cancer. These are the changes in the breast tissue, any breast infection or injury, and any medicine that are taken that have caused the lumps or the breast pain. Changes in the tissues of a woman’s breasts occur with the fluctuating levels of estrogen and progesterone during the menstrual cycle.

Types of Benign Breast Conditions

There are many types of lumps and conditions in the breast that are benign and it is very important to know them so that you will not have to be unnecessarily alarmed when you find a lump in one or both of your breasts.

Fibrocystic changes

This increases the size and tenderness in the breast before the menstrual period. These lumps are just milk ducts and surrounding tissues that have grown and dilated to form cysts. The lumps that are formed may be hard or rubbery. Fibrocystic changes are often noticeable among women in their 40s.
Simple cysts. These are just fluid filled cysts that change in size with the woman’s menstrual cycles.


These are considered the most common benign tumors in a female breast. They are solid, round, and rubbery, and they can move freely in the breast once they are pushed upon and it is usually painless. This type of benign breast condition is due to the excessive formation of the milk producing glands and the surrounding breast tissue. This condition will most likely occur in women between the age of 20 and 30.

Intraductal papillomas

This condition is characterized by small, wart-like growths in the lining of the mammary duct near the nipple area and women between the age of 45 and 50 are the most likely to be affected.

Traumatic fatnecrosis

This condition will occur if a trauma like an injury occurs in the breast and the characteristics of the lumps are round, firm, hard, single, and usually painless.

breast lump in Benign Breast Cancer

What you should do if you find a breast lump

Once you discover a lump in your breast you should immediately see a physician because it might be a benign breast cancer condition. It is recommended to see a doctor right away if you find the following in your breasts:

  • An area that is distinctly different from another area in either breasts
  • A lump or a thickening near the breast or the underarm that is persistent
  • A change in the size, shape, and contour of the breast
  • A mass or lump in your breast
  • Changes in the feel or appearance of the skin on the breast or the nipple
  • They are dimpled, puckered, and appear scaly or even inflamed.
  • A bloody or clear fluid discharge from the nipples
  • Redness in the skin on the nipple area or anywhere on the breast

A monthly examination of the breast is recommended to detect any abnormalities that are found in the breast and to prevent any development of benign breast lumps.

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