Beauty and Skin: When beauty is skin deep!

One of the most important mineral of all time is water, and drinking lots of water hydrates the hair and skin, leaving your hair and skin looking shiny and supple. When drinking water, your skin looks flawless and your hair looks healthier and longer because of the nutrients that water has.

However, taking good care of your skin is very important and there are many different products to choose from that leaves your hair and skin looking natural and these products are:

-Neutrogena: Leaves your hair and skin healthy

-Dove: Great for eczema and other skin conditions and makes your skin soft.

-Clearasil: Clears your skin while fighting acne.

-Proactive Solution: Gets rid of acne and pimples to prevent future break outs.

Although, eating right and getting plenty of rest is one way to looking and feeling alive and one of the keys to looking great, is feeling great. Before anything, you must research beauty’s influence.

When using Make-up: Clinique, Sephora, and Mac are great make-up products to choose from. With hair: When you decide to dye your hair, you should use hair colors such as highlights because it goes great with a particular color of make-up on your face tone that will go great with everything. Skin doctor: When you need a good doctor that is right for you such as a good dermatologist and you should look to the products by Dr. Denese skincare which she has a hydro shield hydrating serum that makes your skin have that natural melanin and with her hydrating treatment powder, you’re bound to have great results. Although, beauty is skin deep. However, some women love the way they look, and some don’t. Some prepare themselves for facial cosmetic surgery and use alternatives such as botox injections and laser resurfacing techniques with results you can realistically expect! Beauty is an artful way of looking at yourself and understanding that will make you feel a little cleaner and neater whereas, your personality should always come through. Sleep is one beauty secret and it’s amazing what a few hours nights of rest could do for your face. You should exercise and drink plenty of water because that type of treatment will help you look beautiful inside and out, of course you’ll need to look great as well and there really is something for everyone who’s looking to beautify themselves to the fullest.

Note: your skin should be your first priority and many people agree that beauty is skin deep and is still vital that you put a good dose of attention to your skin and to ensure that it is protected no matter what because, it is by far the most conspicuous organ of the body aside from being the largest. Most men might go crazy over a woman who has all the qualities such as natural beauty and it’s the best thing where the woman looks beautiful even when they first wake up in the morning, on top of beauty comes personality and personality is a major plus! You can’t be beautiful with a bad attitude because that only means that you’re really ugly inside and out. Having beautiful nails, hair, body, mind, and soul is very important to the man.

With skincare products: Some women love using Shea butter, Cocoa butter and some women prefer lip gloss and vaseline over lipstick on their lips depending on what kind and some don’t like suave lotion for their skin and when shaving, most women love skintimates for shaving. With fragrances: Some enjoy Black Vanilla fragrance from Old Navy, Sally Hansen for nails is great and they say that St. Ives is good for the face and it smells great.

With deodorants: Secret goes with body temperatures along with Degree for women and a throwback of Lady Speedstick deodorant. However, my views on beauty and beauty products is that I like Sephora Make-up and Mac products because it transforms my face and features into a star and I feel like a million bucks.

Although, women with skin of color tend to change throughout the year. But most importantly, hardly anyone has just one skin type. When cleansing the skin: You should find the right cleanser if your skin is oily, even after the fact of cleansing. For sensitive skin, you should go for a thin cleansing lotion that is hypoallergenic, allergy tested and fragrance free. Moisturizers such as olive oil, shea butter, avocado oil, honey and milk. There are such things as skin soothes such as aloe vera, lavendear, chamomile, and green tea. The oil fighters are tea tree oil, citrus and rosemary.

When you do make-up: you should have it done right to a point where there are no break outs and you should never use cheap products when dealing with your face, especially cheap make-up brushes. It can also change your entire persona in seconds and using the right make-up tools are essential.

These are tools you need to use when doing make-up:

-Powder brush -Wedge brush -Liner brush

-Blush brush -Smudge brush -Tip brush

-Foundation brush -Brow brush

But even though beauty is skin deep, you must take your skin serious because don’t you notice that the first thing that people see is your face. Your face is usually the center of attention and with beauty comes confidence, and pampering yourself should be something that you should enjoy doing no matter what! And last, but not least, always look nice and presentable!

Beauty and Skin: Is beauty really skin deep or is it something that you’re born with!


  1. As a society, we praise natural beauty. Yet almost every depiction of natural women are of those with expertly done makeup, perfect lighting, and little to no imperfections. When women wear heavier makeup, they’re criticized for trying too hard and being slutty.

    We consider curvier or larger women more beautiful than smaller women, and now find them more attractive because they’re “real” and have “meat on their bones”.

    On the other side of the spectrum, women are said to look sickly and ugly without makeup while women with lots of it are said to be sexy and gorgeous. Curvy women are still called fat, and skinny women are still prized for their tiny bodies.

    For any number of reasons, the definition of (physical) beauty is always changing. I think one is that we muddle it with emotion. Pity these women because they have no confidence, so just tell them they’re beautiful. She’s not wearing makeup, how brave of her let’s tell her how beautiful she is.

    Beauty has no conscience. Judging another person by what’s on the outside is considered harsh, superficial even. Yet we do it on a daily, sometimes hourly, basis. The moment you see a person, you judge them by appearance. You see a beautiful picture, and all you have to go on is what’s within the confines of the shot. Exactly like physical beauty, we aren’t measuring what’s inside. We are looking at the packaging, the gift wrap, the way you are displayed to the world.

    But is it really so harsh? How physically attractive someone is, is a part of who they are. Nowhere near as significant as what’s on the inside, but it shouldn’t be marked off or lied about because it’s out of a person’s control or you think it would be wrong to find them unattractive. People who alter their appearance, whether by a simple lipstick or a full on cosmetic surgery, could be equally or even more attractive than someone who’s “natural”. You can’t measure physical attractiveness by how they got to look a certain way. Again, beauty has no conscience and should be treated as such.

    Before you call me a superficial poop face, I think inner beauty is far more important than outer beauty.*
    This applies to men, too.*
    This whole thing concerns physical beauty – nothing else*
    But it could very loosely apply to inner beauty – the traits you’re dealt with are the ones you’re stuck with, very black and white as to whether or not they appeal to you*

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