Vagina Care – How To Clean Vagina – Smart Tips on Vagina Wash

The vagina is a very sensitive part of a woman's body. The following guideline is to provide a safe method of cleansing while avoiding possible irritation and/or infection. Also don't forget to consult your doctor for any possible infection or cancer.

Perspiration or secreted or excreted fluid may create an odor when in contact with bacteria on your skin. Use antibacterial wipes, or Always Wipes, or wash this area with soap and water if you detect an odor. Some odors are related to vaginal infections. If you have a discolored discharge and any itching or burning associated with this odor, see your doctor.

Some girls and women shave the part of their pubic hair that shows when they are wearing a bathing suit. If you are going to shave, use a really good shaving cream, like Gillette SatinCare gel, and a good razor, like the Gillette Venus razor. I hear more and more about girls shaving their entire pubic area, but I don’t understand the reason for it. A shaved pubic area will itch really badly as it grows back, and there is no need to shave this area at all. You can use hair removing cream instead.

Clean your Vagina to Beauty!

Things Required

  • Clean rinse water
  • Bath tub or stand up shower
  • A very mild Bar soap or Bodywash; or Mild Vaginal Soap
  • Clean hands!

Clean Vagina Looks Good and Odorless
Clean vagina is odorless and looks good

The Process of cleaning vagina

  • Get in your shower in the most comfortable position to wash your vulva. This could be either standing with the shower head running or even squatting while the tap is running.

cleaning vagina tips

  • If you are left handed, use your left hand or if you are right handed, use your right hand. Gently rub your vulva with your index, middle and ring finger with clean water, get between your labia (lips) to make sure any discharge, dead cells or dirt is removed.

Vagina hygiene advice - washing vagina

  • Using a clean wash cloth or a plastic cup, rinse by pouring water over the vulva. Don't rub too hard, or get the water too hot. This could lead to irritation.

Keep It Clean, Regularly Wash It
Keep It Clean, Regularly Take Care

  • You should not use soaps or washes. These will dry-out the mucus membrane of the inside of your vulva which may cause irritation, and toxins that may be present in some products are more easily absorbed through the mucus membrane. Soaps and washes will also effect the natural pH of your vagina/vulva which effects healthy bacterial balance - this can lead to bad odour and risk infections.
  • Wash or wipe using a front to back motion (meaning spread your labia[vaginal lips] apart and wipe from front to back). This helps to prevent Urinary Tract Infections (UTI).
  • Make sure when you go to clean your vagina, that your hands are clean, and do not have soap on them, if you don't want to use soap.
  • Be gentle! Aggressive scrubbing could damage sensitive tissues of the vagina.
  • Use minimal soap and be careful to avoid getting soap inside the vagina.

cleaning vagina vulva tips

  • Wash the buttocks and anal area last to avoid cross contamination. Anal bacteria reaching the vagina (by piggy-backing on a wash cloth or fingers) can cause serious discomfort and/or infection. Gently wash in front to back direction.
  • Be careful during menstrual period.

How do you take care of vagina?
What are some tips for vulvar care?
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There are 100's of relevant questions of vagina care asked by women.
We have listed here the best things you can do to take care of your vagina and vulva.

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  1. Marc Johnson says:

    Women are different than other women, in the respect of what their vagina smells like. Some women smell good others bit bad. Few worst. Or whether it even has a smell at all. Infact I love sweat vaginas a lot. As it is turn on for me. Guys also take it differently.

  2. Dirty vagina is a big NO NO and never attempted for a lick. My girlfriend from texas was too dirty. And I broke with her after 3 months. My advice to girls who want bf to lick them. If you are certain that you are infection-free, then the problem has to be elsewhere. Diet plays a factor. Spicy foods and certain vegetables can do that. Sometimes the vaginal mucosa do NOT like perfumy vaginal washes and over-react. That could be the source of your excessive production of fluids. I’m going to assume showers and not baths. You probably know by now to wash well on the outside only. Dry well with a fresh towel. Always put on fresh cotton panties if you’re getting dressed for the day. It sounds like letting yourself “air out” every night would be a very good idea in your case, absent any visits from Aunt Flo. T-shirt is plenty if you’re not comfortable sleeping in the buff. That would be the sum of my advice. Cut out the spicy food and the douches, wash and dry well, always use clean towels/underwear, and go commando at night. Make sure BF is as clean and hygienic as you so that he doesn’t give you back this problem you don’t want. I thought of sharing experience so that it helps other bfs who are victim of dirty vaginas.

  3. JDOGG1122 says:

    I used it today for the first time because I feel like I smell bad and I just want to make sure it’s not going to **** up my vagina! Lol thanks to all in advance! And this is a serious question!!!!!!! So please serious answers!

  4. kevindiking67verizonnet says:

    Well just don’t ask too much questions but I saw it happen and the girl didn’t seem to care.

  5. I have very course hairs on my vagina. For the last couple of days I have been squeezing out these black rice like hard clogs. They dont hurt but when I tweeze them out they usually come with a strand of curled hair wrapped in it. What could these be? I’m so grossed out.

  6. She has this stuff that looks like ricotta cheese coming out of her vagina. It smells sweet. She is also itchy down there and it not just happens when we have sex. It is constantly.

  7. My boyfriends penis is like 5 inches so im afraid ima be loose forever and neither of us will feel anything anymore. /: i dont even care if i do tho cuz i love him, im just pariniod in the future he will get tired of me being loose and cheat or something .):

  8. I think i have a yeast infection, and I was wondering if there is a way i can take care of it at home, like things i could eat or drink to see if it goes away before i go to the doctor? Its my first one so im not positive if its one. I’m only 13 and im emmbersed to tell my mom so is there something i could do before i have to tell her?

    1. Eat yogurt u will feel immediate relief
      And eat garlic too it might stink but I promise it works 2-3 pieces will help 🙂
      N talk to ur mom there is no need to fell shy about it… Its Natural

  9. Only Business says:

    By no means to creep people out, but for example a lot of Caucasians have the inner labia hanging out but for others they have extremely closed one’s.

    Does the amount of estrogen/testosterone levels correlate to the size?

    I know men wouldn’t care but are you self-conscious in any way about it?

  10. kerrin marz says:

    For the past week I have had a pea sized lump in my vagina. It is located under the skin right above my clitoris, on the pink part. The lump has no color or odor to it. It doesn’t have a white head or anything. It is painful to the touch. It’s also painful when I wipe myself after I urinate because it is being slightly moved obviously. I plan on going to the doctors this week but I just wanted to see if anyone else has had the same thing. The size of the lump has not changed. I don’t mess with it or do anything to it. Could it be a cyst?

  11. I have very course hairs on my vagina. For the last couple of days I have been squeezing out these black rice like hard clogs. They dont hurt but when I tweeze them out they usually come with a strand of curled hair wrapped in it. What could these be? I’m so grossed out.

  12. mrankinmatt says:

    Me and my boyfriend just finished having sex when I realized that I was bleeding.
    I’ve had sex before, so I’m not a virgin. And this was not our first time having sex together.
    We were using a comdom & it didn’t break. But then I took a small mirror and saw that there was a small tear at the end of my vagina. I can’t go to my mom about this because she doesn’t know I’ve had sex.
    So what should I do?

  13. stealspartansbcglobalnet says:

    I’m talking with a group of teenage girls tommorrow about growing up. Last time one girl asked if there were any serious medical effects of not washing the vulva/vaginal area for a long period of time, given that the vagina self cleans. I said we’d talk about it next time but I’ve only come up with cystitis! Any other ideas? Help please ladies!

  14. I know on the package it says vaginal care but doesnt really give much detail about it is harmful to use in that way to relieve some vaginal area itching..p.s. I HAD a yeast infection not too long ago but i took the medicine for it and it went away..but then i got hemroids so thats why i got the wipes and so the itching came back also so i was jus curious..plz real answers only!

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