The popularity of braids, dreadlocks, add on hair / wigs, weaves, natural hair styles, and hair extensions with or without glue is exploding.

The key importance and selling point for the Take Down removal cream is that it is an oil based cream. This key factor allows women to transition easily from wearing braids to a relaxer in the same day.

Most women of color assume that after removing braids or extensions they have to wait 1 week in order to relax or straighten their hair, but because Take Down is a cream- not a spray. and is an oil based product.

It protects the scalp and hair so that a chemical relaxer can be used. Most people or stylists don’t have the time or patience to remove fusion, braids, dreadlocks, weaves or hair extensions the right way. And the average consumer goes to the salon to undo or “take down” a style.

And if the hair stylist does not have proper understanding of how to remove any of these styles, they just pull and tug, which ultimately damages their client’s hair. But now there is a solution.

The Take Down® brand is not only unique, but is the lead product for the removal of all add-on-hair styles in the beauty industry. It is a very strong cross over product, for all types of women and hair textures.

Every one from hollywood,models, entertainers to the everday college student wears some form of hair extensions, braids,and add-on-hair.

Anyone who has removed fusion, hair extensions, weaves that are saturated with bonding glue, or tiny micro-braids, understands the hassle. When removing hair extensions with fusion, braids, weaves or dreadlocks, the hair can become dry and matted together, so it can take hours upon hours to remove these styles. And often, once these styles are removed, unhealthy, broken hair is left behind.

Introducing a new product that helps detangle hair and aids in the fast and easy removal of fusion, braids, hair extensions, weaves and dreadlocks. TAKE DOWN® makes the pain, tangles, knots and damage associated with removing these styles old news.

With TAKE DOWN®, women and men who desire changing their locked hairstyles don’t have to cut their Dreadlocks off any more, they can salvage all that beautiful hair. With TAKE DOWN®, you have no more hair loss, damage or balding. And definitely no more excess fusion adhesive or bonding glue stuck to the hair and scalp.

TAKE DOWN®, THE REVOLUTIONARY HAIR REMOVAL CREAM penetrates through the hair and softens the hair as you comb through it. This natural cream can be a relief from the pain of combing out knots and clumps of tangled or matted hair once you have taken out the extension, braid or dreadlock. This revolutionary process makes removal of braids easy, fast and painless…

TAKE DOWN’S ®, revolutionary and unique selling points sit squarely with its ability to address a strong, yet previously overlooked, need in the hair care market.

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  1. Flash Funk says:

    Hi! 🙂 So my friend and I have been thinking of making a beauty channel and we finally made one today. I would just like some tips on gaining subscribers and becoming successful as a whole. Thanks so much!

  2. Why are beauty marks considered attractive if they mess up the basic vertical symmetry of a person’s face? And also, why are they only attractive on certain parts of the face? Any reasons/explanations?

  3. My friends are telling me a beauty mark is a dark freckle, but I’m thinking it’s like a mole, it’s raised. How do these differentiate?

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