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Is Penis Enlargement Corelated to Penis Cleansing

How Penis Size can be increased with regular Penis wash

There is much unnecessary anxiety over the issue of hygiene. It is not at all difficult to maintain proper hygiene. “…health professionals generally agree that uncircumcised boys do not have any special hygienic problems.” Concern for proper hygiene is over emphasized, and so the needless practice of routine circumcision continues.

Clean Penis Is Odorless
Clean Penis Is Odorless

Overzealous cleaning attempts can cause posthitis, urinary tract infections and phimosis. People are surprised to learn that the intact penis requires no special care. The best advice is to simply leave it alone.
It is important to maintain personal hygiene, but too much washing with soap and detergents can make you sore.

Usually starting around the age of 5 or 6, boys should be taught to retract their own foreskins once a week and rinsing with warm water. Sometimes the separation process takes longer and a boy may not be able to fully retract his foreskin until he is 10 or more. This is normal and not cause for alarm. Once the foreskin is retractable , the instructions for cleaning are simple.

  1. Gently pull the foreskin back.
  2. Rinse with warm water only. Soap under the foreskin can cause irritation and swelling.
  3. Pull the foreskin back in place over the head of your penis.

No one should do this for him.  He can pull the foreskin back by himself gently.  After rinsing, he simply pulls the foreskin back into place. We do not pull out our teeth to prevent cavities — we brush them.

When your son reaches puberty, he should retract and rinse during daily bathing. Brushing teeth is more difficult than cleaning the intact penis. It is ridiculous to think that children cannot be taught and counted on to perform this simple task through adulthood. Circumcision does not improve hygiene. It surgically removes healthy, protective tissue.

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There is a great temptation to use talc and deodorants, but these are best avoided because talc will get under the foreskin where it may cause irritation. This will give rise to bacterial infection, if rubbed and later on would smell bad, emitting unbearable odor. Forget oral sex performed by your sex partner on you.

You should wash your penis gently and retract the foreskin regularly (such as when you have a bath or shower).

Wash Each Of Them Gently
Penis Wash – Wash Each Part Gently

As for checking your testicles, this is well worthwhile to detect any changes in the scrotum at the earliest possible stage.

While most lumps in the scrotum are not cancers, it is essential that young men should be aware of any lump in the testes. Testicular tumours are now the most common cancer of young men.

If you examine your scrotum each time you wash yourself, you will then be aware of any changes.

And if anything seems different, ask your GP to check you; your doctor will not be remotely embarrassed as checking male genitalia is something that is done every day in the surgery.

You clean a penis the same way you would any other part of the body, with soap and water. The only thing to remember, is that if you are not circumcised, you need to retract your foreskin and clean underneath it.

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  1. I have a downward curve penis when erect, so it is painful when it is in the underwear when it is hard, so i am looking for a underwear which would be tight from the testicles but loose from the penis, i don’t want loose from testicles.. do you know which underwear would be good? i need help please..thanks in advance 🙂

  2. This was probably asked a million times, but I’ve never known the correct way. I’m uncircumcised by the way.

    Do you just rinse your entire penis with water, including under the foreskin?
    Or, do you only clean the outside with soap, and then only rinse with water under the foreskin?
    Or, do you just wash everything with soap?

    I’m confused. Any answer would be helpful. Thanks.
    You’re all top contributors, and all saying different things. I don’t know who to believe! 🙁

  3. ConfusionnaJob says:

    I seem to be the only one on the Planet who doesn’t know and it’s bugging me.

  4. SKATEskum says:

    wash their penis too, like the pink thingy? cause some one told me that if you don’t, they can get infections.
    ok cool! thumbs up cause i dont think i could do that! wheew!

  5. lets roll says:

    It’s the most beauitful body part or muslce in the whole wide world!!!!!!!! But its so small but requires so much maintance and care and all that stuff. Why is that?

  6. the nurse said to just wash it like normal, but some people said to use neosporin or a&d I want to do whats best for him please tell me what worked best for you
    This is a decision I made and I can live with it. It’s pathetic how some people have been reacting to me, it’s wrong to judge other people for their decisions. Take care of your own family as mine is well taken care of thank you.

  7. I haven’t had sex with any prostitute . Top of my penis is itching & I don’t know what to do. I also getting feeling of going to bathroom when I urinate my penis feel relaxed but after sometime it again starts itching. I am now using castor oil on my penis suggested by my friend . what is ur suggestion on what I should do to stop my itching. also I have a habit of jerking off more often. when I masturbate the itching totally vanishes. plz reply soon.

  8. I’m a 19 yo uncircumcised male. Those pearly penile papules bother me a lot. Everytime when my girlfriend says she wants to have sex w/ me, I just give bunch of excuses ‘cuz i don’t want to scare her away. If I were a girl, I would be freaked out as well. I wash my dick every single day to keep it clean, but it’s still there! I have tried to scratched those away, but it bled. Is there any proper ways that i can get rid of those instead of get my foreskin circumcised? ‘cuz i feel so good when i masturbate w/ my foreskin

    If you have no idea what i’m talking about, check this out:
    Somebody say I can do a laser treatment, but is that expensive?
    like how much?

  9. henryshensbcglobalnet says:

    Im 16 and i just got circumcised on monday and yesterday i went to the clinic, where i was circumcised, to remove the bandage. But iam just wondering why has it swelled like all around under the head of the penis, where the stitches are? And how do i clean the wound?
    And am i supposed to be in bed like all the time? 10 pts for good answers.

  10. I am going to have my son cut next week. He is 4 weeks old. I would just like to know what health benefits it offers him and if it will be painful for him. I have heard it is better to do it earlier rather than later when he will remember it. Thanks! Also is it better to go ahead and have his frenulum removed also? The doctor I spoke with said it is optional but I am leaning towards just having them take it off along with the extra skin. Thanks!

  11. therundown2k3 says:

    I am watching an uncircumsized baby for a new mother, & I’ve heard that you need to pull their foreskin back to clean the head of the penis. His foreskin is really tight around the head though and won’t slide back. I was just wondering if this is normal. If the foreskin doesn’t slide back, and this is not normal, what should you do? Are there any complications that can result from not cleaning the head of the penis? Thanks!

  12. Malcolm Hudson says:

    I don’t care if circumcision on infants is necessary for them to be part of a religion. It’s messed up. I heard Rabbis used to put their mouth on the baby’s penis, and suck blood from it during the circumcision. How can any parent let that happen to they’re own son. No god would want to put a baby through something he could die from. The jews and muslims are kinda being fanatics. By how they got at Germany for banning circumcision. I’m glad I don’t believe in any religion. Religion is corrupt!

  13. Was totally stuck until I read this, now back up and runinng.