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A woman looks beautiful and smart with properly sized nipples and proportioned breasts. Breasts of the right size can greatly enhance a woman's appearance especially when she wears a nice dress or a sexy bikini. However, there are some women who don't realize the fact that no matter how perfectly formed breasts are, disproportionate nipples will easily throw off the entire look away.

As breasts size matters a lot, similarly too small nipples can give an unnatural look to the breasts. A woman with small or inverted nipples really needs to go for such augmentation as this may hinder her breast's beauty.

Such expansion involves several surgical processes. Nipple augmentation surgery is a procedure that helps to enhance and correct the size of the nipples, and bring it to a proportion with the rest of the breast. This particular surgery has aesthetic and physical purposes.

Nipple surgery is getting popular, and women who are conscious about their nipples and have inverted nipples can benefit from such augmentation surgery.

This type of amplification is done through a process of implanting fat and other tissue under the nipple, which in turn gives it an elongated appearance. This is basically known as tissue grafting, and involves placement of skin from another anatomical location. This type of enhancement process is an easy procedure allowing nipples to project farther outwards, but may result in the inability to breastfeed.

This type of augmentation surgery is performed depending on the severity of the patient's nipple appearance. The surgery requires very little time, and the recovery allows the patient to return back to their normal pace of life.

Women may also choose to go for non-surgical nipple augmentation method, which is by far the most reliable step. There are many minimally invasive methods of enhancing the nipples.

You may pierce the nipple and increase the ring size which will help in elongating the nipple structure. However, this may jeopardize the sensitivity of the nipple, and a woman may lose the ability to breast feed.

The other methods include pumping the nipples which may temporarily enhance the nipple size. Nipples clamps temporarily increase the nipples. Manual nipple stretching may also prove to be effective, but this may result in droopy nipples.

The nipple is the focal point of a breast and can make a women feel sensual stimuli in the bosom. Many women experience psycho-emotional distress when they have small or inverted nipples. To overcome these effects, nipple augmentation surgery is the best way. This specialized procedure is tailored to meet the specific needs of the patient.

However some nipple augmentation surgery involves some potential risks. One major risk is the loss of the ability to breastfeed. This happens when the procedure has not been done in the correct way and thus damaging the milk ducts. Moreover the nipple may droop if an improper surgery has taken place. There are also high risks of infections and for this reason a patient should regularly take the medications prescribed by the surgeon.

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Nipple Piercings Care

A piercing punctures your skin, poking a hole in your immune system’s first line of defense: Wherever you get one, there will be risks. If you plan to get a nipple piercing, it sometimes invoke infection—whether bacterial or viral—bruising, and irritation are all possibilities.

Avoid infection: Make sure the the tools used to pierce your nipples are completely sterile. The area should be cleaned with a skin disinfectant or alcohol before you get started. If you have a metal allergy, especially—looking at you, nickel—be sure the piercer uses stainless steel.

Expect some bleeding and some crust to form around your piercing as it heals—do not remove the jewelry to clean, because the hole can quickly close. Wait a minimum of seven to nine months before changing a nipple piercing, unless you find you’re allergic to the metal in the jewelry. In that case, see your piercer to swap it out, but see a doctor if you think it’s infected. Whenever you handle your piercing, make sure your hands are washed.

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Nipple Piercing Care – Do’s and Dont’s

Apart from keeping the area clean, it is always better to follow some aftercare instructions.

WHAT DO YOU NEED TO FOLLOW in Nipple Piercings?

In order to improve the quality of sleep, you should always consume nutritious foodstuffs and drink lots of water. A change in your eating habits can boost the immune system and help the area to heal at a faster rate.

Avoid touching the nipple piercing as much as you can. It’s important to dress carefully because the barbells are likely to tear the fistulas and increase bleeding as well as infection. If irritation is disturbing you, then you should take care of the wound till the issue subsides.

When you are maintaining good hygiene, you should keep the area clean and rinse it three to six times in a day. Think about dabbing the area with a sea salt solution during the initial months of the healing process. Follow the tip continuously till the nipple piercing is completely healed.

What Should You Not DO in NIPPLE PIERCINGS?

During the first few weeks, you should not take aspirin, drink excess alcohol or coffee. Such things actually make the blood thin and make it tough to form blood clots.

If you have been smoking frequently, then you should try to quit the bad habit. Nicotine present in cigarettes slows down the healing process and may prolong the time span for the process. Try using nicotine patches, gum, or an E-cigarette so that you would be able to reduce the daily nicotine intake. As you reduce the consumption, you would be able to overcome mood swings and control cravings.

While you are cleaning the nipples, you should not apply cleaning solutions or soap. Cleaning agents that contain alcohol can dry down and lead to cracks and skin infection. But, it’s completely fine if the nipples get wet due to soapy water or when you are enjoying a shower.

Raise your hand if someone is trying to touch the nipples. The germs on the fingers can aggravate the infection and may increase the time for the healing process.

Never twist or slide the nipple rings because the dried lymph can break down and affect the wound. However, if you need to break the lymph, then you can use an aftercare spray for softening them. Once everything is done, you should clean the softened crusties with a tissue or a cotton swab.

Never think about applying a cream or an ointment to the nipple piercings. Such products can clog the fistulas and enhance the infection. If the skin becomes dry, then you can add a little bit of tea tree oil to the sea salt solution and later the follow the instructions. Diluting the solution with the oil is always a safer alternative than applying moisturizer directly the affected area.

Never be hasty in changing the jewelry. After three or six months, you can visit the expert and check out whether it’s safe to change the barbells. If the person suggests you to wait for nine months, then you shouldn’t argue. In case the expert tells you to replace the ring quickly, and then think about a replacement after 12 months. Since the fistulas become strong, it’s is quite easier to change the nipple rings after one year.

Steps for Cleaning the Nipple Piercings

Nipple piercings can always be cleaned with a sea salt solution. Alternatively, you can think about spraying saline so that the dirt is driven away, and the crusties become softer.

For the first few months, you can dab the affected area with a sea salt solution at least twice in a day. If you face any problem later, then you can increase the frequency of soaking the area till the issue subsides.

For a sea salt solution, you need to fill a small container with saline wash, push yourself forward and dip the nipple into the solution. After 5 minutes, you should throw the solution, refill the container with saline wash, and continue soaking the other nipple.

In case you hardly have the time, you can treat the piercings with cotton balls soaked in saline wash. Try using a couple of cotton balls till the area becomes completely wet with the solution.

For preparing the sea salt solution, you would need a cup of sterile water, a quarter teaspoon of sea salt, and two to three drops of tea tree oil. If you can’t source sterile water, then you should fill the container with tap water, boil it for some minutes, and allow it to settle down for some time.

Make sure you don’t use table salt because iodine can actually affect the nipple piercings. If the skin becomes dry, then you can use tea tree oil for moisturizing the area and reducing the skin infection.

In case thick, yellowish pus oozes out from the nipple, then consider using an antiseptic as you proceed with the daily cleaning routine. Antiseptic piercing treatments should be carried out at least once during the day. But, you should treat the area only after sea salt solution soak.

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Steps for Changing Nipple Rings

You can always request the expert to replace the barbells when three to nine months pass away. But, if you want to know the exact time, then it depends on the swelling. You may need to leave the set of barbells, but prolonged pressure can lead to tissue damage which results into skin infection.

Soon after 3 months, you can insist for piercing closely-fitting barbells which are less likely to get entangled with clothes. At this instance, you can plan to change the trinket that might irritate the fistulas.

After a year, it’s safe to change the nipple rings and try using circular barbells, straight barbells or something that’s more comfortable. But, make sure you buy the rings of the same width as the earlier ones.

When you are purchasing new rings, you should buy a piercing taper and think about a drop of a water-based lubricant towards the end. Once you insert the ring on ht threaded end, you should push it out and place the new one. This is surely an easy way to replace the rings whenever you are doing the task.

After you boast nipple piercing for at least a year, you can try stretching them by massaging the area with emu oil. This actually makes the skin elastic and helps to insert the nipple rings.

For doing the job in a better way, some people may use a few small weights, two S-hooks, and captive rings. The stretching process might be painful, but weights attached to hooks can help to stretch the rings easily.

Finally, if you observe a hypertrophic scar around the area, you can treat it with jojoba oil or scar therapy gel. Once the affected area is healed, you can massage it with a little bit of oil or silicone gel.

Styling Your Nipple Piercings

Nipple jewelry can be so exciting and helpful in keeping nipples erect. The younger boys and girls typically wear piercing jewelry as an expression of their self confidence. It is hip, fun, sexy, and for the girls, something to show off to the boys if the boys are lucky enough to get a peek.

As discussed earlier Nipple Piercing jewelry can be dangerous though. It can, if not done right, or taken care of correctly, cause allergies, infections, scars and other more serious complications that can go on for a lifetime. There are been cases where some women experience painful nursing or even blockage of the milk ducts. Non piercing body jewelry would be a great alternative to these issues.

Non piercing nipple jewelry gives the illusion of piercing without the side effects. Using nipple clips will also eliminate the pain of piercing jewelry. You can also wear nipple chains, nipple shields, belly clips, handcuff jewelry, bells and other sexy items from the nipple. Material can be as expensive as gold or platinum to as economical as surgical steel, plastic, glass or other man-made fibers. All look sexy and wear well.

Some of the nipple jewelry adheres to the body by clip, magnet, spirit or eyelash glue, pinching the skin slightly to attach or other means. NEVER is there piercing involved. So you can wear this jewelry often or now, or swap out different styles immediately. No need to worry that a hole will close up and you will have to spend more money at the tattoo parlor or piercers.

Nipple Jewelry is sexy and fun to wear. This is very trending jewelry, yes it is here to stay. All the pleasure with one time of immense pain.

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Nipple Piercing and Sex

The researchers discovered that stimulation of the nipple activated an area of the brain known as the genital sensory cortex. This is the same brain region activated by stimulation of the clitoris, vagina, and cervix. What this means is that women’s brains seem to process nipple and genital stimulation in the same way. Nipple piercings can increase sensitivity for some, but not everyone. Un-pierced nipples only have accessible nerve endings on the outside of the nipple, but a pierced nipple has nerve endings on the inside of the piercing that are stimulated by the jewelry.

So it would seem that nipple piercings have the potential to directly affect your sexual pleasure. Some women who pierced their nipples found that beyond evoking a physical reaction, it invokes a sense of confidence and sexual prowess that altogether enhances the sexual experience. Though the pleasure and sensitivity varies person to person.

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    I had mine pierced for about a month before I took them out. They did make them hard non-stop and if you do decide to get them done make sure its not during winter. I didnt like them at all, they couldnt be touched at all and I had to sleep in a bra….they looked really hot though, but not worth the pain if you ask me. Anyone who says it doesnt hurt is lying. I got wrong advice that it does not hurt. I have a high pain tolerance, have had 2 other piercings and 10 tats and none of them even came close.