Nowadays, the use of Marble is getting higher, as this standard material is many times being used in various domestic and official ventures. As the material gives a luxurious, elegant and rare feel, which gives you to be different from others in terms of class, a large number of trendy home-owners line their floor covering with this stone.

It is procurable in diverse designs. For specific quarters, there are a wide variety of marble tiles. You can go for single colour marble tiles for your drawing room, while for the restroom and kitchen, you can decide from a variety of designs present. This is not the only property which increases the charm, but the brilliant shine which bestows beauty is also truly eternal. Marble tiles come in different designs. Their specific designs are just right for a particular room in a home. A plain marble design with an illuminated colour is perfect in the living room, while those with designed tiles can be special for the bathrooms and kitchen. Further, its design is not engaged only to maintain its grace and characteristic, but also comes with the luster that gives off both opulence and elegance. Marble tiles are available in various colours, patterns, designs and shapes.

You can produce the proper look to a particular room by using numerous patterns in a creative way. If you wish to go for a plain look, then employ plain marble with light colour shades in the living room. Designed tiles can produce an excellent look to the bathrooms and kitchen. There are numerous designs and styles to pick from, which not only add pulchritude and endurance, but also provide an unparalleled look to the space. Fit for household and merchandising projects, Marble tiles are available in different designs. Particularly, their patterns are perfect for a definite room in a living area. Marbles having a light toned colour with a routine design are suitable for installing in the living room, whereas for the bathroom and kitchen, tiles with designs can be perfect. But the design of these tiles is not solely responsible for retaining its beauty and quality; it’s because of its brightness that the material imparts both luxury and elegance.

But, a thing of beauty cannot always stay that way forever. For this kind of exquisite look, you would require a little extra precaution. The tiles develop stains over time because of many external matters like acid, dirt and rough water. Besides these, there is oil, paint or any sticky thing responsible for the blemish of the tile. So you have to undertake extra precaution to counter these fluids from spreading all around the tile flooring. Ideally, you should tidy the tile with clean water to make it retain its natural luster. Moreover, no matter how attractive and bright your marble is, it is usual to be ruined by dirt and stains. It also soaks up acidic compounds that invite stains, which is also responsible for destroying its elegant and for inviting the discoloration of the floor.

Water and dirt can also make your marble flooring gloomy and dim. Apart from that, tea and oil also play an substantial role in demolishing the dignity of the marble like the cooking oils and other greasy However, no matter how bright and beautiful your marble is, it will easily get spoiled by impurities and other stains. Due to its nature to soak acidic compounds that introduce stains, the material easily loses its beauty, which leads to unpleasant spots on your floor. Marble carpeting can become dear and dull by enough amounts of water and dirt. Marble tiles can also discharge their shine and beauty by being in direct contact with cooking oils, other greasy liquids and teas, as they all do their task in ruining the class of the marble. After grasping that much information about this stuff, what you need to do is to be careful about preventing them for such shine-ruining products. If you need to maintain your marble’s brightness, then you should always clean and maintain your marble flooring daily.

You can follow few time-tested and effective tips while cleaning your marble tiles which will help in maintaining their shine and extraordinary appearance. Once you decide to start the cleaning process, you should make sure that you have a complete stack of cleaning tools like vacuum, mop, soft cloth and neutral solution. Regular maintenance is necessary to preserve their sheen. You should at once wipe off the spills and dirt with acidic compounds as soon as you find them on your marble flooring, to avoid the absorption of these liquids.


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  2. lildevilgurl152004 says:

    I have new unsealed marble in my house and I want to seal them properly. Its a white floor and is currently tarped over to stop stains.

  3. NC Baller says:

    My house is approximately 3,000 square feet and has a pitched roof. I know they take the tiles off and can probably reuse them. I’m trying to determine the budget. My roof is 13 years old and I have a roof leak and it was fixed but is leaking again. The contractor tells me I need a new roof.

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