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  1. happyseaweed says:

    it doesn’t hurt at all. but i guess it’s different from person to person

  2. SoonToBeFaMousssss says:

    @yasmin2893 I AGREE

  3. iwusqa098 says:

    yupp exactly its not hurt

  4. xPandaxBearx says:

    i honestly think plucking and waxing is way faster. mainly cuz everyone says this is painful and im too scared to try. lol

  5. threading is very good for those who have sensitive skin or are on some acne medication when you can’t wax. I will admit that it IS hard but if you practice, you’ll get a hang of it. Also your hair won’t grow as thick as when you wax, pluck, or especially shave. If not, get it threaded professionally so you can get the feel. 🙂

  6. xXbexiibruvzXx says:

    i’m 13 nd i have my eyebrows threaded professionally xPandaxBearx it’s really good cos the lady who threads my eyebrows for me was on tv and has lots of awards for that kinda thing nd it only costs £5 nd only takes about 5 minutes 🙂 it also lasts for about a month nd i have really thick, fast growing eyebrows, so yeaa, try it cos its good 😀

  7. xXbexiibruvzXx says:

    yasmin2893 same with me so i have my brows threaded every so often but i mainly shave them

  8. xXbexiibruvzXx says:

    it just feels like a chewed pen or something being run across ur skin, it doesnt hurt much

  9. candygirl132211 says:

    I just use tweezers

  10. Thanks for the tutorial.
    I really like your tutorials, because you explain well and we can see exactley what you’re doing.. so thanks 🙂

  11. superjunior2008 says:

    is it okay to do like 2 turns on the thread? cause i feel like if i do like 5 i might somwhat mess up and like thread part of my eyebrow off D:

  12. tristclay69 says:

    this is so cool! i have seen this done in the mall but im a do it myself kind of girl so this is awesome! I wax my own eye brows and i find that even when you wax, some hairs are left behind and you have to pluck anyways. thanks for explaining so well!

  13. Yours is the best vid I have seen on the subject! Great instructional techniques.

  14. Lunatik583 says:

    you awesome, thanks ))

  15. Ninafaceofdoom says:

    your natural brows are alot like mine

  16. sokrChiick says:

    this looks awesome..im scared tho haha

  17. andynewen says:

    thats takes skill way harder than waxing or plucking

  18. jjsbarbie says:

    So awesome! I can’t believe how EASY it was. I did it lastnight and my brows look GREAT! Thanks so much… I really did not want to go to the salon and spend $25. Thanks for making me look good and saving me dough!

  19. sOn1N3feS says:

    you get use to it when they are threading your eyebrows…a first it hurts like hell then you become numb to the pain….but wow she does them herself…now that’s a great skill!!!

  20. BooBear1327 says:

    @jjsbarbie you pay $25?! i think the most i’ve ever payed was $4. 😐

  21. i do my eyebrows for about 5 or 10 USD .

  22. JaylaLashone says:

    ouch!! evem though i pluck mine, this look painful

  23. Awesome video I plan on trying this.

  24. freckleface1021 says:

    it fuckin herts