Figure out these, you meet a beautiful woman in a baseball contest, you ask her number and she kind of rejects your request. Then your friend hits on the same woman moments later, asks the same question and he is met by the same reaction. It is a good feeling to have been rejected but the best thing to understand is that at least, you tried. But all this said and done, have you ever wondered whey your request would be rejected by all the beautiful women you meet? There are three things that bother me as a man these days about what men do when they meet a beautiful women for the first time in their life.

Most men always seam to believe that it is the beautiful women who have to give a man their phone numbers and other contact details. But what i find is that, most beautiful women will always seam to resist giving a man their phone numbers. This is because beautiful women will always want to control the dynamic over a man and would not want to lose this control over the man. I always find it easier for the man to give the woman his personal details if he finds that the woman is interested in him. These makes beautiful women feel that they have control over the man and they really love these. You should be able to see this hesitation from the woman you have just met. Remember, there are many ways you can ask a woman’s number or email address, but in these ways do not act like your life depends on it.

Then there are the men who take dating too seriously, everything in their life depends on it. To them, there is no fun, no games and it is a no nonsense encounter. Hold it my friend breath in and out, dating is about meeting new, sweet and beautiful women, people you have a lot in common with, and people you share the same aspirations and dreams. Its about a positive attitude, people with these kind of attributes meet the most beautiful women in their life, so many beautiful women that they need assistance with their diaries. Women would love to go out for a game, a movie or a Broadway show just to take time and know what you are made of.

As a man you should take time with the beautiful women you meet. Unless both of you are looking for a casual relationship, you should not expect to sleep with the beautiful women you have just met. Take time to know her, even if the fantasy of having sex with her the same night you meet her overwhelms you. The last thing you should do as a man is to force a beautiful women into sex on the first day. The face of dating has changed and the circumstances are not the same anymore. Sexually transmitted diseases have become even more resistant to cure. Women want to be treated with much more respect than before, every man should know that!

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