Hard surface flooring is one of the fastest growing and most in-demand trends for homeowners, and an easy way to increase the value of your home. People who always look for trading in their old carpet or linoleum can quickly achieve a fresh look with Wall tiles.

The term ceramic tile is widely used as a catch all description for hard surface floors, but there is a distinct difference between ceramic and porcelain tiles. Both are formed with clay, but the porcelain clay base is purified more extensively, packed tightly and fired at an extremely high temperature, making a denser product. This density also helps in chip resistance.

As with most tiles, design options are unlimited. It means you can choose your desired one in a variety of designs and patterns. They are available in an array of colours that ranges from monochrome to imitation wood or faux natural stone, which will fool even the most observant guest. Decorative glass mosaic creations on tile will add heightened style to any household and commercial project.

Most people prefer to use Wall tiles that measure 12-inch x 12-inch sizes. It is a standard size used by a large number of people. These days,it is commonly range from 16-inch x 20-inch to 20-inch x 20-inch, with some tile slabs available as large as 48-inches x 72-inches. Today there are a large number of manufacturers available today offers a 6-inch x 24-inch porcelain tile that gives the appearance of a bamboo laminate Wall. Being hygienic, porcelain tiles are easy to clean, as dirt won’t accumulate on this type of surface.

Ceramic clay tiles are also supposed to be fired at a high temperature and once cooled, have a finish added to the surface. This finish can have either a glazed or an unglazed appearance, with a choice of matte, satin or gloss appearance.

Because of the versatility available in Wall tiles, each room can have its own unique look. Tiles with fruit motifs are often used in kitchen areas, while a seashell design would work well in an outdoor setting with a pool or a hot tub. Custom designs using a combination of circular images, surrounded by traditional square layouts will create a one-of-a-kind look to homes. If you can imagine it, you can have it.

The most important fact that needs to be considered while installing it. While finishing the task on your own is possible with a good set of do-it-yourself instructions or a personal guide, having a professional do the task may eliminate some headaches in months or years to come. This is especially important if a heated flooring option is being considered. Therefore, Wall tiles add an exceptional beauty to your home.

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