A beauty college is an institution that educates and trains students in the art and science of assisting people to look beautiful. There are various types of beauty colleges that offer many options to their students. What makes them different from each other is the fact that they fulfill different objectives. Broadly speaking there are colleges that are oriented towards attaining a state license to practice, colleges that are job oriented and degree granting beauty colleges.

Beauty colleges that aim at assisting students to get their state license essentially concentrate only on providing basic knowledge and information of the subject and usually offer a general program on cosmetology. Flexible timings and options are available to students and they can select a program schedule that suits them the best. Students who are working or unable to provide adequate time to their beauty program should consider these colleges as a good option. Also once a student has a license he or she can begin working soon after.
Job oriented beauty colleges are more focused and offer programs that are in-depth and detailed. They expect their students to keep to strict time and study schedules and attempt to provide a realistic experience of the profession. These colleges usually also offer advanced courses for their students to specialize in. Whether it is techniques, the science and art involved in making people look beautiful or contemporary courses on bacteriology, spa treatments and skin analysis, the programs on offer are complete and include all aspects of the profession.
Degree granting colleges: Some beauty colleges are recognized and associated with the state board of education and provide a degree to their students. These colleges also offer students financial aid.
With the many changes in our lives with the internet beauty colleges have also come up online. However these are not highly recommended as beauty programs require practical demonstration of the skill and talent involved and require personal interaction with the faculty for the student to truly gain from the experience.
With so many different types of beauty colleges to choose from it may be confusing for the aspirant to make a decision. The best way to decide is to first consider one’s own priorities. Do you want to get a job at the earliest? Do you have less time to dedicate to your beauty program? Then a state license oriented beauty college may be a good option. For students looking for more in-depth knowledge and want to specialize in a certain section of the profession a job oriented beauty college is more favorable. A beauty college that provides a degree also recognizes the fact that you have successfully completed a course that is approved and recognized by the state. Thus the choice of beauty college and which is the best is a very subjective one and would vary from individual to individual. What is important to realize and acknowledge that a beauty college is a must if you want to working the beauty industry and become a success.

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